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SASAC notified patrol rectification: speeding up the SASAC central enterprises Classification Assessment Committee on patrol rectification briefing in accordance with the central deployment, from February 29, 2016 to April 29th, the central fourteenth inspection teams to conduct a tour of the SASAC party committee. June 1st, the central inspection team feedback to the SASAC Party committee opinion. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, inspection and rectification will be released. First, resolutely implement the central requirements, to organize and implement the inspection rectification work SASAC Party Committee attaches great importance to patrol the rectification work, clear requirements on the practical thinking and action with the central decision-making arrangements, firmly grasp the inspection rectification work to a high degree of political responsibility and mission. (a) unified ideological and political responsibility. Of the party since eighteen, general secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly listened to patrol work report, published a series of important speech, put forward clear requirements for the inspection rectification, we do a good job for the inspection rectification provides a fundamental follow. During the rectification, I have appointed 6 Party committee held a meeting held several inspection rectification work leading group held a special meeting, the chairman of the board of supervisors meeting to convey the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on patrol work, review the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in the central enterprises to listen inspection reports, 4 times the original local learning general secretary Xi Jinping important speech in listening to the central ninth round of inspection reports on the situation of the speech and the spirit of the instructions, in-depth study and understand the relevant inspection work of Comrade Wang Qishan. On July 15-16, the person in charge of training in my committee meeting of the central enterprises, local SASAC, comrade Zhang Yi specifically on the in-depth study of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, adhere exactly learning, comprehensive school system, combined with the actual school, in accordance with the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on the central enterprises to inspect the work of the spirit of the instructions, and resolutely the inspection and rectification work realistically catch fine catch in place, once again put forward clear requirements. Through in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech and the important instructions instructions, SASAC party a profound understanding of the extreme importance of the grasp patrol rectification, to realize the extreme urgency of comprehensive strictly, to promote understanding in state owned enterprises reform and development in the further implementation of great significance and far-reaching influence of Party responsibility. Through repeated studies, in-depth study, a thorough understanding of deep learning and mastery, the SASAC of the party members and cadres to further unify thinking, deepen the understanding of political visits, strengthen the "Four Consciousness", strengthen the political play. The Committee on the positive action, pragmatic, and the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and instructions instructions to implement the spirit of the inspection and rectification of the work of the sasac. (two) to strengthen organizational leadership, the implementation of the main responsibility. Feedback from the central inspection teams to inspect the situation of special SASAC party, I appointed party committee held a meeting immediately, the first time the deployment of the implementation of the rectification work, and set up by Zhang Yi and Comrade Xiao Yaqing as the head of the Commission inspection rectification work leading group and office (hereinafter referred to as the rectification office). The first meeting of the leading group for inspection and rectification work相关的主题文章:

After the birth of a child, will experience 4 terrible changes! Sohu –

After the birth of a child, will experience 4 terrible changes! – the mothers and fathers of the Sohu are highly respected, in addition to their selfless love and pay for their children, as well as all the hardships to bear children. Pregnancy and production will give women the body of tangible and intangible damage, after birth, the health of women is not as good as before. The 4 kinds of changes, new mothers do you have? 1 immunity after birth, some women can clearly feel the immunity, easy to cold, and cold is a bad cold, not every two or three days, often have to go to the hospital transfusion. In the absence of children, it is a little cold, drink plenty of exercise, basically can recover completely within a week. Some women feel that this may be a problem of age, the older women have such a phenomenon, but some young women also have the same phenomenon, feeling the body immunity is not as good as before. 2 women became cold after having children, if the yard did not pay attention to warm, or yard with cold water too much during the winter will be very cold. Some of the women are more serious loss of blood, one to the winter behind the wind, cold hands and feet, wearing more clothes also feel cold. There are some women caesarean section, a cold winter, and easy to catch a cold, it is caused by cold palace. It can be seen that after the birth of a child, the body is not as good as before. 3 poor memory after the birth of the child, always can not remember where some things. Sometimes it is a minute ago remember to do what, after a minute then stood there do not know what to do? A few days ago put things can not find, feel suddenly suddenly become old, become a good memory. Reaction ability also seems to be slow, and sometimes what happens to a half day reaction, like a fool. Do not know the mothers after the birth of the child have a similar feeling? 4 become love don’t know what time they become? Winded up, children also love love nagging, nagging people around. Although they have found their own changes, but not as before did not care about their children before the image, as if all of this is normal, not as much as before to dress up their own. All the growth of the children busy, although the heart was filled with happiness, but always feel less what, but do not know what their own little, often looking at something out of the window or trance, seems very surprised that he changes, and can not find the reason. Tip: to improve the method of · proper tonic. After the birth of the child if found their memory loss, you can eat some help to improve the memory of nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and other everyday. · proper motion. Improve physical health, enhance immunity and resistance. · find their own spiritual home. Do not turn the child every day, to have their own pursuit, you can not go to work, but you can not have their own space and hobbies. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy)相关的主题文章:

September there are four big positive look at the top ten

In September four good ten big market outlook: Sina Finance blog App live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament Sina Financial News Wednesday morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city opened a stock index opened after the shock down, intraday real estate stocks broke out, Vanke A (24.930, 2.27. 10.02%) limit, Hengda concept comeback, in its lead, placards stocks also performed, then the market rally turned red. Afternoon opening two cities to maintain a narrow range, brokerage, banking, insurance and other financial stocks to support the market force. Only gem decline to expand again. The disk, Shenzhen Tong, Hengda concept of active, PPP concept has stabilized signs of stabilization, the concept of graphene plate tail pulled. Volume once again shrinking. Sixth September four: feel good anyway, August go OK, similar to the blog at the end of July to August is expected, in September, I think as long as there is no unexpected bad, the market continues to shock upstream should be a high probability event! Cheetah: the market in September will usher in the two days after the start may reach 3100 tomorrow, today has scored 3080 points, tomorrow’s task is to hit 3100 points, but could not get under the coordination of energy and the hot plate, so I expect tomorrow is expected to start! Yu Hui: K open red three soldiers harvest season will open the market in September from tomorrow, since 3140 has experienced 12 trading days, is just the Fibonacci variable count, stock index to the probability variable greatly, is expected to start to stand in line or watch. Bald sea stocks: can determine the rebound height for the current market trend, temporarily to the maintenance of stability in the market to see, while operating on the attention of changes of market volume, by changes in the amount of energy as an important index for reference, in did not form an effective breakthrough or to pay attention to the position of the control system, do it back into the attack and defend. Old music: still not to go when the Thursday morning rush of action can first come out, don’t be afraid to take the market transactions, if still can be re admitted, if go bad, go ahead is not what. Li Zhengjin: on line three Yang September refresh the rebound high line, upward divergence, MACD green column further convergence, OBV index increased continuously after KDJ MACD low mouth. This month 3097 breakthrough before the high, although not firm, but its dormant, next month will be completed before the beginning of the high breakthrough. Nanshan to listen to the wind: a major breakthrough in whether the time has come to the market today, the main long in the relevant news of the stimulus, once again launched a series of Hengda placards concept stocks, while trying to sing the same old song in the new times, hundred shares, graphene, such as the above, in order to dig the hot spots, gather popularity, pry the index, with the market. Heart: long to attack 3100 from this point of view, then we will make the market will rebound in volume 3100, ready to attack, but beware of the rebound will enter the end of the show. The first: investors or in shock on the uplink相关的主题文章:

3 juvenile burglary chest was I am a thief hanging 3 man involved in illegal detention — Sic-havd707

3 juvenile burglary chest was "I am a thief hanging"   3 man involved in illegal detention — Sichuan channel — original title: 3 juvenile chest hung steal "I am a thief" involving 3 men illegally detained three juvenile bound chest was listed three boy was caught stealing were tied on his chest "I am a thief" Yunnan Yongshan plate 3 men suspected of illegal detention of Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui photography Xiao Xiong dragon Xixue) on impulse, they became the offender from the victim. Recently, Yunnan, Yongshan three men due to illegal detention thief, the police were taken criminal coercive measures. "Xiluodu town pedestrian street middle rail bundled with two more than and 10 year old child, chest hanging" I am a thief ‘plates, please." October 19th 8 am, Yongshan County Public Security Bureau police station received a public warning of xiluodu. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene and found two teenage by someone with a rope tied to the iron railing on the side of the street, hanging from his chest, I am a thief "plate, on the face also wrote a" thief ". Police immediately tied to the rope on the two young untied, for further investigation. After investigation, the 19 day at 4 pm, who lives in Yongshan County Xiluodu town of a fresh (13 years old), Lee (14 years old) and other minors to Xiluodu town pedestrian street in the middle, was found with a Amomum facade is not closed, three people from the theft of the idea of Amomum villosum. When they are stealing by the owner of Amomum villosum, then the owner Rao and his wife Zhou and another man Wang will be caught in three, to three people for parents to no avail, the iron railing around a, Zhou and Wang will be three people with a rope tied to the window next to the on. 6 in the morning, one of them broke away from the rope escape. Around a, Zhou and Wang went to the cigarette shell write "I am a thief" hanging on the bound young fresh and Lee chest, two in the face to write "thief", until the morning of 8 PM was found masses alarm. At present, Lee and a fresh guardians have been handed a strict discipline. Rao, Wang and Zhou three people on suspicion of illegal detention, criminal coercive measures taken by the police. Police investigators said, Rao villosum was stolen, the thief was arrested, without causing the loss of property, the end of the case. Because of the ignorance of the law of the parties, this is the victim of them, instantly reversed suspects". China’s law stipulates that the case of the thief are minors, does not constitute a theft crime; and Rao, Wang, Zhou, who were arrested on suspicion of illegal detention constitutes a crime of illegal detention. Police also remind: before the law, no person shall be willful. (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章:

Dialogue Arab League the face of the first list of priorities to do their own work – Sohu Sports-姉summer

Dialogue: Yi normal to the face of a large list of first do their work – Sohu Sports Video – Yi: normal to the face of the list first do their work in Losangeles local time at noon on October 22nd (Beijing time 23 days), the Lakers were on the team training base at TOYOTA sports center. Yi Jianlian, who is in the last race in the list of regular matches, talks about his current state and mentality to Sohu. Sohu Sports: preseason game finished, and today a long time training, can you talk about their feelings and physical state? Yi Jianlian: health is good, after the preseason. According to the layout of the normal training. Sohu Sports: training camp is also coming to an end, and feel like the whole team running in this way? Yi Jianlian: it should be better than before. But now we add something new to every game. Including training, but also to update some special tactics and tactics, there are still a lot of new things to learn. Sohu Sports: the 15 list of regular season these days will be set, you are what kind of mentality to prepare these days of the game? Yi Jianlian: normal, everyone is the same. Is also very normal, training. Sohu Sports: Thomas – Robinson also said yesterday, the list is not he can control, and he has worked hard. What’s your opinion? Yi Jianlian: me too, we are doing our own things, are doing their own work, adjust their state. Sohu Sports: remember when you said in the media day, for you every day is a challenge, then you think this is also a challenge for you? After all, this is the first time in my career. Yi Jianlian: I think I’ll have to wait one or two more days to know the results. There’s no need to ask me now. (Zhang Ziyi sports Sohu from Losangeles)相关的主题文章:

Nanjing network about car rules do not strictly limit the household registration need local c-zghd

Nanjing network about cars rules: the strict hukou restrictions in   the need for local car license — Jiangsu channel — original title: Nanjing rules promulgated after about the car is not strict hukou restrictions but needs the local car license data for national day, with all traffic management departments have issued new rules about the car network, such as the north deep other places caused no small waves of public opinion. Although the rules are more or less there are some disputes, but overall, the network is about to move toward the direction of standardization. According to the policy of a city concept, following Hangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing network rules about the car this afternoon officially announced the draft. Compared with the previous several cities introduced the relevant rules, Nanjing rules and Hangzhou closer. The driver for controversial household registration, models using flexible measures, for example, Nanjing domicile or residence permit can apply to get the local network about cars; secondly, fuel vehicle wheelbase 2700 mm or more, and the engine power reached 108 kilowatts and above. The new energy vehicle wheelbase 2650 mm or more, including pure electric car mileage of 150 km, plug style (with additional program) hybrid vehicles pure electric state mileage of 50 km. In addition, the vehicle must be installed in the GPS and the image of the car and emergency alarm device, the nature of the vehicle registration for the appointment of rental passenger. Whether the vehicle license plate after concern is limited to local traffic, and the traffic control department official said, in principle, foreign licenses are not allowed to participate in the local network about the car market operation. This is not only the need to protect the level of passenger protection services, but also the inevitable requirement of orderly maintenance of urban traffic. The intersection of reporters to help you out of the "Nanjing city taxi booking network management approach (Trial)" for key draft: Seventh [] the vehicle conditions in this city in the net about car business vehicles, shall comply with the following conditions: (a) passenger cars in the city public security traffic management departments registered the seven seat and the following, and for the initial registration to obtain the "vehicle license" from the date of not more than two years; (two) the fuel vehicle wheelbase reached two thousand and seven hundred mm or more, and the engine power reached one hundred and eight kilowatts and above. The new energy vehicle wheelbase reached two thousand six hundred and fifty mm or more, including pure electric car mileage of one hundred and fifty km, plug-in (including by program) hybrid vehicles under the condition of pure electric mileage of fifty km; (three) ABS vehicle equipped with anti lock braking system, the braking force distribution system, traction control system, brake assist system and vehicle electronic stability control system security configuration; (four) the installation device has a vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, with image taking function in the vehicle and emergency alarm device; (five) the nature of the use of vehicles for taxi booking registration. Eighth [vehicle license] intends to engage in the network about the vehicle operation of the vehicle, by its owner or network about the car platform company in accordance with the provisions of the city’s transport administrative departments to apply. City delivery相关的主题文章:

Inside four flat chested murderer; breast can eat chicken – Food – channel pig’s trotters peop-ca1871

Inside four   flat chested murderer; breast can eat chicken – food pig’s trotters channel — original title: the reason inside four murderers ratite can eat chicken breast pig’s trotters ratite is varied, and the daily diet, sleep, mood and body development are inextricably related. Often stay up late not only affect the health, but also may seriously interfere with endocrine function, affect the development of puberty, including the development of the breast. Inside the four murderer used to staying up late: a hazard for adolescent girls is more profound. Because the deep sleep during the night is the peak of the hormone secretion, lack of sleep, will seriously interfere with endocrine function, affecting the development of puberty, including the development of the breast. Underwear: improper cup size, underwear, and the methods and steps of wearing underwear is all about, if not properly dressed, it may cause the chest fat "". The pressure is too big, the life does not eat the rule: the pressure is too big, the life is not regular or the mood is depressed, will affect the chest the development. Because the pressure is easy to cause the thyroid with excitement, cortisol rise, accelerate fat burning, and the chest is the most easy to lose fat, become a "Princess" is not hard to imagine. Regular desk: for women, who is the greatest harm because often squeezed breast breast, the edge of the table, the situation may be more severe. Because lean sideways or lying on the table, right in the breasts on the fulcrum of extruding. Research shows that, if the hard edge of the table by breast squeeze nearly 1.5 hours, can interfere with the normal metabolism of the breast, a long time will cause adverse consequences. Recommend several breast food then breast food in a lot of time with our health is closely linked, so we still need to choose the right foods to help your breast, this is very important. So in the choice of food, we can choose some of the foods that contain high levels of vitamin A, as well as some of the food such as vitamin E, we can still choose some appropriate to eat. 1) we all know chicken chicken feet, contain large amounts of collagen, plus some peanut protein, is a very delicious and breast soup. So you want to be in the menstrual period of the United States may wish to go back to their own to try to do, is also possible. Peanut chicken feet soup approach is not very complicated, we can go to the market to buy some chicken and a small amount of peanut, ginger and onion. Buy it back later to take care of first to wash the chicken feet, then pointed to the cut off, then will give fifty fifty separated chicken. Then we can be a little chicken with ginger into the pot to fry, then add the right amount of water and wine. Such as boil can add soaked peanuts, then change to a small fire to some green onion and salt can be boiled for an hour plus a pot on it. 2) we can also be used to replace the pig’s trotters chicken feet, also have the same effect. We can eat some of the soup in the menstrual period, you will find the effect of breast beauty are particularly good. (: Sheng, commissioning editor Nie Congxiao)相关的主题文章:

2016 Hurun released Mrs. Zhou Qunfei won the richest man in Hunan – Hunan Channel –

2016 Hurun released   Mrs. Zhou Qunfei won the richest man in Hunan – Hunan Channel – October 13th, "2016 Hurun Report" released, 62 year old Wang Jianlin and his family wealth to 215 billion to become the third richest man Chinese, blue Synopsys Zhou Qunfei, Zheng Junlong married wealth to 46 billion ranked twenty-fifth, ranked the richest man in Hunan. 31 to 32 billion Liang Wengen wealth ranked forty-eighth. This is the Hu Run institute since 1999 for eighteenth consecutive years, released "Hu Run rich list", the income threshold for four consecutive years to maintain 2 billion yuan, the deadline rich list of listed companies wealth calculated for August 15th this year. The list shows that a total of 2056 entrepreneurs list this year, including 56 Hunan rich list, 2 people in the top one hundred. From the national rankings, 62 year old Wang Jianlin and his family’s wealth to 215 billion Chinese won the richest man, and the third became the richest man China. 52 year old ma and his family wealth grew by 41% to 205 billion, to maintain the value of second. 45 year old Ma Huateng has donated $13 billion 900 million, but the wealth is still growing by 38% to 165 billion, an increase of the top 1 ranked third. In Hunan, blue Synopsys Zhou Qunfei, Zheng Junlong couples wealth than last year fell 8%, ranking dropped 8, but still won the richest man in Hunan. And once in Wengen was elected in 2011 China’s richest man, this year’s wealth has shrunk by 16%, ranking also fell 15. The list shows that in this year’s list of billionaires, corporate headquarters in Hunan 32, an increase of 2 over last year; was born in Hunan in 56, also an increase of 1; living in Changsha were 23, 9 less than last year. Among them, Zhou Qunfei and his wife Zheng Junlong, residence Changsha, Liang Wengen for Hunan. In addition, Guangdong is still the most entrepreneurs enterprises to set up regional headquarters, 406, and 53 more than last year; Beijing is still second, 342, 42 more than last year; Zhejiang third, 278, 16 more than last year; the ranking is the fastest rising in Inner Mongolia, followed by the Shanxi and Heilongjiang. (reporter Intern Ouyang Xu Dragon ( ); Luo: handsome, commissioning editor Chen Qinxing)相关的主题文章: