42Fxstreet chief analyst Euro dollar trend next week|Fxstreet chief analyst Euro dollar trend next week4

FXStreet chief analyst: the trend of the euro dollar next week look forward to Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) news FXStreet chief analyst Valeria Bednarik new wrote that next week the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan’s monetary policy meeting will be held, the euro dollar depends on the Fed! The article pointed out that the next Wednesday the Fed just announced interest rate decision, the economy is expected to update, the latest bitmap will wait, and fed chairman Yellen’s press conference. Despite Yellen’s hawkish remarks published in last month’s Jackson Holzer annual meeting of global central bank, but the Fed policymakers are still differences in the timing of the above interest rate, the Fed is expected in September will halt the troops and wait. Although Friday (September 16th) the economic data show that U.S. inflation better than expected, this has to a certain extent to improve the September rate hike expectations, but still can not Overgeneralization, because for a very long time since the U.S. inflation has been below the Fed’s target. In any case, the August inflation data or enhance the Fed’s interest rate hike in the next year, the current interest rate hike in December rose above 50%. Market makers hope to see a hawkish stance from the Fed’s September monetary policy statement, which will boost the dollar. From a technical point of view, the euro has been around the past few days trading around the average. From the daily chart, energy index decline, but still at the level of 100, RSI index decline to around 44. Although the technical indicators show downside risks, but taking into account the limited trading range, that the euro is still too early to fall. (source: FX168 financial network, FXStreet) from the weekly chart, technical index is still near the median level, exchange rate volatility in the vicinity of the 20 and 100 day moving averages. Overall, the euro will continue to be traded within the 1.0840-1.1460 range, if you want to break the trading range, relying solely on the Fed is obviously not enough, unless they really raise interest rates. The downside: the low in August 31st 1.1120 will be the initial support, once below the support, will see 1.1060 (the trend line formed from 1.0505 at 1.094060, then the area); the upside: the initial resistance was 1.1200, followed by 1.1280 (downward trend line formed from 1.1615 at), break up, under the a drag look to the August high of 1.1365, is the last of 1.1460. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion

34Sina poly Yao game network red Festival line ceremony unprecedented|Sina poly Yao game network red Festival line ceremony unprecedented6

Sina poly Yao game network red Festival line ceremony by Sina micro-blog, Sina grand game and poly star Yao hosted jointly organized IMS new media business group, the new Tianjin eco city, the new Internet’s new "China first handle like game red day" popular network TOP100 red list officially released, awards the festival was held in the new Tianjin eco city Hilton Hotel in September 1st. Before the game the Red Star Cafe in the red carpet at the ceremony started, you red players and VIP guests held a grand and solemn ceremony of the red carpet entrance, the players will have red star studded network the focus of the audience and the media gathered in one, set foot on a section of the Red Star Network game avenue. The red carpet ceremony 100 net red sign followed by the ceremony officially began, the ceremony of star group, the award ceremony live broadcast link group, the male god goddess group, potential star group, since the media God Group five awards. The general manager of sina.com.cn games division Yang Zhen, deputy general manager of sina micro-blog Chen Fuyun, deputy director of the new Tianjin Eco City Bureau of Commerce Cao Sheng, poly star Yao founder and CEO Li Chun and other leaders speech on stage, and for the five award winners for the award ceremony. So far, hundreds of net red, hundreds of guests and hundreds of media and two hundred fans witnessed the game network Top100 red list published throughout the event, the atmosphere is high, a round of applause. The award ceremony highlights net signing ceremony red billion yuan to build a plan to start the meeting Sina official broker "poly Yao stars" and dozens of players held the signing ceremony, the dozens of players will be included in the Sina building combined with poly Yao stars "Red Net billion yuan to build plan" candidate list. This plan will spend billions of dollars to cultivate a number of high-quality, distinctive personality of the new generation of network red, for the entire network of red industry vertical subdivision, boutique operation to create a classic case. The signing ceremony of "star incubator" ceremony bell the shock Toru this awards ceremony officially announced to the outside world: from Tianjin eco city, Sina, poly star Yao co founded the "Star Leadership incubator" officially launched. Although the announcement and launch process for only a few minutes, but this marks the next few years the stars Yao poly net red hatching to commercial chain gradually began to plan large red stitching, network promotion operations packaging standards will start from zero operation. Joustar incubator ceremony last, thanks to the long-term concern of the media, network game Festival Red and red network partners, fans, thanks to the new custom game handle provides Internet, thanks to the sharp, DXRacer Di Games Festival Awards ceremony red line activities to provide custom race seat. Di Rui Alex DXRacer is red festival custom gaming chair thanks to Sina games, micro-blog, Sina, sina.com.cn green bank network, Shanda, interactive games, spades, mystery games, NetEase pulse is culture, entertainment, games, ZuLong Guangyu Kunlun World Wide Web, Crowe sharp, fingertip time, victory games, snail games, game fish dome, mutual entertainment, Kai Ying network, network, DENA, fun Tiancheng century, giant game, heart network, togetherness era, Netdragon websoft, perfect world, millet.