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The Chen Man family letters of thanks: you are saving Chen Man’s "unknown hero" – Sohu news Chen Man (left) and the last release before the family photo. The morning of February 1st, was held for 23 years after the release of Chen Man, Chen Yuancheng Wang Zhongyi, his parents and relatives through the network issued a "2016 Spring Festival thanks letter", thanks to the support from all walks of life full of vindication of the Chen case. In a letter of thanks, his family also for those who do not know, do not leave your name and say, "you are saving Chen Man ‘unknown hero ". "That the Zhejiang high court in Haikou court scheduled for sentencing news, we are not excited, excited, late news, too much regret, to our hearts imprinted." Chen Man’s family said in the letter of thanks, they are not easy to appeal people, Chen Man paid a high price for the youth is not, wait for 23 years, finally he also poke the clouds delivered from oppression, human dignity, but also his innocence, can finally go home to see their parents, home and family reunion festival." "Our son was a long journey, like a boat back to the warm and safe harbor. Our beloved son was too tired to return to the most important parents is a good rest, keep a good body, restore vitality, adapt to long-term isolation environment." Chen Man’s parents wanted her son to cheer up, "please forget the prison, forget the pain, half of the new arrangements after the journey." In the letter, Chen Man’s family have to appeal to Yi Yanyou, Chen man Wang Wanqiong and other lawyers, jurists, representatives of the National People’s Congress, and continue to focus on the case with Chen Oriental Morning Post, Deyang evening news surging, Oriental TV and other dozens of media thanks. "We would also like to thank the many online netizens enthusiastic support of Chen Man." Chen Man’s family said, those who do not know, do not leave the surname and name, is to save Chen Man’s "unknown hero". "Bless you take care of yourself, save more innocent home and family reunion."

陈满家人发感谢信:你们是拯救陈满的“无名英雄”-搜狐新闻   陈满(左一)获释前和家人的最后一张合影。   2月1日上午,被关押23年的陈满获释后,他的父母陈元成、王众一及亲人通过网络发布“2016年春节致谢信”,向支持陈满案平反的各界人士表示感谢。在致谢信中,他的家人还对那些不认识、不留姓名的人称,“你们都是拯救陈满的‘无名英雄"。   “获悉浙江高院在海口开庭重审择期宣判的消息,我们不兴奋、不激动,迟来的消息,遗憾太多,给我们心中打下了深深的烙印。”陈满的家人在感谢信中说,他们深感老百姓申诉不易,陈满为之付出高昂的代价,青春不在,等了23年,“终于拨开乌云重见天日,还了他做人的尊严,还了他的清白,终于可以回家见父母,回家与亲人团聚过年。”   “我们的儿子出了一趟远门,犹如远航的船只回到温馨安全的港湾。我们心爱的儿子太累了,回到父母身边最要紧的是休息好,养好身体,恢复元气,适应长期与世隔绝的环境。”陈满的父母希望儿子能振作精神,“赶快忘记监狱、忘记痛苦,安排后半生新的征程。”   在信中,陈满的家人还向为陈满申诉的易延友、王万琼等律师、法学家、全国人大代表,以及持续关注陈满案的东方早报 澎湃新闻、德阳晚报、东方卫视等几十家媒体表示感谢。   “我们还要感谢网上众多网友热心声援陈满。”陈满的家人说,那些不认识、不留姓和名的人,都是拯救陈满的“无名英雄”。“祝福你们多保重自己,拯救更多的无辜者回家和父母亲人团聚。”相关的主题文章:

Anny Quan Zhilong, a love to wear dresses up sister honey boy ratatouille

Anny: Quan Zhilong, a two day before love to wear dresses up sister honey BOY right three birthday, feeling the whole circle of friends are many sisters captured ~ fans also do charity in the name of the dragon, is really a special birthday gift, really love ~ ~ ~ chicken rice with beans Chung and 8seconds limited cooperation in time yesterday began offering birthday, really pick day! Sure there are a bunch of fans rushed for Obama endorsement bill ~ sister in chicken birthday Chung but this series of clothes are very nice, the girls wear will turn yang! Chicken Chung should be regarded as more than the kingdom of God fashion icon, and also created a brand Peaceminusone, but also about the market! A few days ago, the sun received the hat was also the first time to send a certified photo to support his brother! I think the Dragon treasure Peaceminusone should be like his personal style, personality and foreign turn. The key will be androgynous men and women kill, because long bao usually very love to wear some neutral wind women, handsome and charming BOY gdragon dresses up ~ sister has been affected by the Lafayette favor, Chanel annual show will be invited. So long bao ultimately to Chanel women’s love and dedication to the recent VOGUE Korea to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the Lafayette shooting himself Zhang Jing, invited dragon Ma beans, you wore a long winter Chanel16 dress, revealing a sexy backless ~ in addition to the show, magazine, privately Longbao also loves to wear ladies, take this year’s servers for example, topped the Vetements, it is G-Dragon’s heart of love! But the price is not cute, one of the most common Tee to more than 2 thousand ~ Vetements G-Dragon loves to wear jeans, when the Xi’an concert through a high waisted basic models, to $1460! Replaced by RMB will be 10 thousand! It’s almost heaven! There is a very popular this year, before the short after long style, rich! Vetements itself is a relatively cool tide card, so although it is a woman can also be able to wear a very handsome and charming. Just the end of the July FM G-Dragon I wear a white shirt with Paratiisi, a vibrant Tee, a lovely small mouth Du died, about three years old, Inchon airport to Tianjin when a low-key color body, but this Paratiisi pants is not so simple. Far to see that this is your long bao ~ Beijing this field oversize Balenciaga super handsome, although women are attracted a large number of fans! And always able to grasp the essence of each piece of clothing, to wear yellow stripes inside like hemp bean show, a simple collocation looks very hard ~ Japan’s Fanclub Event wore a full-length Gucci, no exception is the flower pants female models, but rushing up the chicken]相关的主题文章:

The the Yellow River building Yan value tall on the dumping of the national network media reporter – beself

The the Yellow River building "Yan value tall on the dumping of the national network media reporter – Travel Channel network media reporters in the Yellow River to enjoy the scenery upstairs. Original title: Chinese the Yellow River building "Yan value tall on the dumping of the national network media reporter to bid farewell to Guyuan’s rainy and cool, Twelfth National network media journalists in Ningxia road to the north. On August 31st, the delegation in the early autumn sunshine, continue on the the Yellow River River in the Qingtongxia City interview. On the same day, the delegation opened the Qingtongxia cultural history tour, the first station to the the Yellow River building. The Yellow River grand archway is the main entrance of the the Yellow River building, in front of the main arch plaque letter to four Chinese characters of "great the Yellow River"; the back of the main arch plaque letter to four Chinese characters of "beautiful the Yellow River", its meaning is: great the Yellow River, beautiful the Yellow River, unremitting self-improvement, social commitment; China Thailand Heqinghaiyan, CAS that represents the good wish of Thanksgiving mother river, the Yellow River construction building. Just go to the archway, reporters across the country was in front of the 108 meter tall, shocked by the solemn atmosphere of antique buildings. The the Yellow River building from the main building, turrets, arches, 12 zodiac totem pole, river town tractor and other ancillary buildings and sculpture. The total construction area of 22 thousand square meters. The main building is two floors underground, the ground storey. Into the interior of the Yellow River, followed by the footsteps of the audience to visit the the Yellow River Museum of Chinese history and culture, the Yellow River, Ningxia Museum of history and culture, the Yellow River impression exhibition hall, etc.. Then take the elevator to the roof, in the breeze, watching the billowing water of the Yellow River River, the feeling of the whole city surge high and sweep forward. The Yellow River Xixia Culture, culture and culture in this desert perfect gathering in Ningxia unique. Micro-blog V@ media Wang famous said: "this scene makes people feel very familiar, not at all see the northwest desert, rather Jiangnan style, like the Daming lake." "This scenery is more grand than the Daming Lake atmosphere, more beautiful than I is from Daming Lake, Daming Lake, oh!" Side of the reporter from the Shandong public network, said with a smile. We have taken pictures in the roof and beauty, reluctant to leave. The Yellow River, China is a comprehensive display of the Yellow River five thousand years of splendid civilization of the museum, the Yellow River cultural exchange of Ningxia’s important carrier and the western and even the country’s famous tourist attractions. Ningxia is one of the the Yellow River Gold Coast the punchline and iconic landscape project, to build the country’s first show the Yellow River culture building, fully display the the Yellow River culture, reflecting the the Yellow River Golden Coast soul. This year, Qingtongxia City, seize the opportunity to create a national model of global tourism city, vigorously develop the cultural tourism, around the shore of the Yellow River, in Helan, Daohuaxiang mountain "three tourist line has been opened to the Yellow River city building, the Yellow River Grand Canyon scenic tourist train, a force to create the" impression of the Yellow River? The rainbow "culture tourism brand publicity and reports strong through the media, the foreign will further enhance the visibility and influence. (reporter Jiang Panwen Qi Yingtao Figure) network media reporter shooting the Yellow River building beauty. Network media reporter came to the Yellow River interview floor. Network media reporters in the Yellow River in front of the building. (Qin Jing, commissioning editor: happy)相关的主题文章:

Martha Lahti, President of Shanghai discount of 800 thousand sent spree sexinse

Martha Lahti, President of Shanghai offer up to 800 thousand send a package the market promotion time: 2016.09.12-2016.09.19 2013 3.0T CEO Martha Lahti basic price information: Phoenix Automotive News recently, Phoenix Car Dealer in Shanghai learned from the regional editor, the store is currently president of Mashala pedicle car in the sale, the color is optional, Car Buying maximum discount of up to 800 thousand, interested in this car friends may wish to look at. Please see the table below: President of the latest price change quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2017 3.0T standard type 146 146 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2015 four-wheel drive models 3.0T type 189.80 156.80 inquiry 33 cars are plentiful 2013 3.0T 142.15 100 inquiry 42.15 cars are plentiful 2013 3.8T 267 187 80 inquiry please contact the dealer more ample car preferential free consultation telephone: September 9, 40082085772016 market tab: Phoenix car 2013 3.0T President Martha Lahti: basic financial policy of insurance, to the sale price of 1 million 421 thousand and 500 of the 2013 3.0T basic models as an example, the first car insurance costs 38 thousand yuan. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 680 thousand yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase tax and security etc.), for the month of 31 thousand yuan. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance costs: President Martha Lahti models enjoy three kilometers of vehicle warranty. Regular maintenance cycle for every 5000 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of about 3000 yuan. Replace the oil filter costs about 5500 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. Martha Lahti, President of vehicle maintenance insurance information table maintenance information unlimited mileage warranty period of three years maintenance cycle 5000 kilometers replace the oil filter costs about $3000 to replace the oil filter costs about 5500 yuan loan insurance first year insurance costs 38 thousand yuan Shoufu 680 thousand yuan fee specific costs refer to the above information is only for accounting for quasi tab to the store phoenix car: > > more details please consult the dealer < < whether a car: Car Dealer Name: Shanghai Chi dealers such as Martha Lahti address: Shanghai City, Minhang District Tianshan Road No. 2756, nearly seven Xin Lu (near the Hongqiao airport only 1.5 kilometers (Tel: 4008208577) dealers mentioned Phoenix car get the message, you will enjoy better service) (the information collected from the market when the car相关的主题文章:

The eighty year old Yang Fu, Yang Jiajiang descendants demonstrate the high difficulty of martial ar 519697

The eighty year old Yang Fu, Yang Jiajiang descendants show Sohu difficult – opened martial arts tourism tourism, tour tour is history, culture, feelings of eight ancient dynasties history of glory, read thousands of years of heavy cultural heritage, specific to the attractions, including the palace, the Millennium Guta Kaifeng Longting scenic tower, legend Zhonglie Tianbo Yang Fu etc.. Today we talk about Tianbo Yang fu. It is the most flourishing when Zhao Kuangyin mutiny after the Northern Song Dynasty, one of the dynasties that is China history the most technologically advanced and most prosperous culture, the art of prosperity. China history many great inventions have appeared in the Northern Song Dynasty (the compass, gunpowder, printing). In the literature, whether poetry (Wang Anshi, Ou Yangxiu, Li Qingzhao, Su, etc.), painting (Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Mi Fei, Cai Xiang), or Science (Zhou Dunyi, Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi, etc.), history (Sima Guang et al) are all famous celebrities, all frequency is, its achievement is high can reach the peak of perfection. Could not hide, the Northern Song Dynasty is the history of Chinese Dynasty is one of the most thriving and prosperous culture of science and technology. As Mr. Chen Yinque said: "the Chinese nation culture, thousands of years of evolution has developed to the top in the world, Zhao Songzhi." When the political economic and cultural center is the Tokyo that is today Kaifeng, kaifeng. During the Northern Song Dynasty Kaifeng, Wen Bao Wu Yang household, Wu Yang here refers to the legend story of a hero, the famous writer Ou Yangxiu once praised Yang industry, Yang Yanzhao and his son are famous, known as the brave invincible, so far as eight people in the world, all wrapped the wild?". The story passed down for thousands of years, in recent years has been made into a number of film and television works, that people always remember and respect the history of China patriotic hero against the enemy. By Yang industry as the representative of yanggujiang manmen Zhonglie, defend the motherland, regardless of personal safety devotion is worth risking his own life, and remember the example that. It is the year of Yang Jiajiang Tianbo Yang Fu mansion, located in the Northern Song Dynasty capital of Tokyo (now city) city of the northwest corner of the door beside the skywave Jinshuihe, named "Tianbo Yang fu". Because Yang patriotic, the Song Taizong Zhao Guangyi generation Zhongliang, honest and upright love, poor blarney flattering character, in the days of the golden gate after the river built a house had no money, give five million "no breeze had water and sky wave Lou handwriting" Tianbo Yang Fu "plaque, who decreed by skywave the house in front of the full court officials, civil servants, military attache dismount car falls to worship. Now we can see Tianbo Yang Fu is the last century in 90s on the rehabilitation of the long building, the layout of the building consists of three courtyards, East and West, the construction specifications at zhengyipin military level construction, consistent with Yang Taiwei and Datong Jiedushi office closures. The east by the Six Dynasties palace ruins Longting scenic area, west of the Qingming River Park, is a typical font style classical garden architecture, by Yang Ya Jia Fu, Yang garden, the drill field is composed of three parts. The main building Yang warrior concentrated in the intermediate people’s court, is Yang’s ya, which is Yang Jiye military shall place a bell tower and Drum Tower, a display of the Song Dynasty weapons and Ventura complete "thirty 9相关的主题文章:

Changan Mazda small press Summer Camp Camp fiery car – Sohu aspack

Changan Mazda "small press" summer camp fiery camp – Sohu in August 23rd – 24, jointly organized and sponsored by the Changan Mazda and the "Nanjing morning news" reporter summer camp "in the Mazda factory in Changan fiery opening. From 28 primary schools in Nanjing, more than 60 small reporters into the production line workshop, a small vision to witness the big manufacturing". Children’s world is always full of magical imagination, the exploration of the unknown is always a strong curiosity. Why does the car move? How did the car come out? These problems have been lingering in their minds. With these they have grown up with doubt, reporters came to Changan in the best of spirits in Mazda factory assembly workshop. Automated production line and intelligent robot to let reporters eye-opening, a car from a simple framework to assemble more than 6000 parts, and then rolled off the production line, assembly process precision, compact let reporters dizzying. This is their first time to watch the car production, childhood on the car’s infinite reverie here finally got the answer. In Changan Mazda R & D center, a small reporter and research and development staff conducted a lively interactive Q & A. How far can a car run?" What is the maximum speed of the car?" How does a car engine work?" What is the secret of the car color?" The simple question is the children’s infinite love for cars and the thirst for knowledge. With a good picture of the car, the small reporters with a brush depicts their vision of the future of the car vision. Zoom-Zoom, all the kids know it, it is the children imitate the sound of the engine roar, but also the essence of Mazda brand. As we grow older, only a few people remember it. In the language of adults, it is used to express the extreme pleasure and release of dynamic, Changan Mazda hope that every car out of the factory, can make people think of childhood desire for speed and dreams. Carries the dream of exploring the unknown, this is a small reporter who’s duty, also Changan Mazda heart in the automobile market in the tide of a stick. In Changan, Mazda seems to be a small reporter walked into the factory, zero distance watch car production, not only to broaden their knowledge, but also help them grow. Read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles, majestic and grand Changan Mazda children broaden their horizons of heaven, should move is the practice of corporate social responsibility. More business and product information, please visit the official website of Changan Mazda:相关的主题文章:

Philippine Senator Philippines and China did not sign the fishermen return to Huangyan Island fishin unfccc

Philippine lawmakers: Philippines and Chinese did not sign back to Huangyan Island fishermen fishing agreement original title: Philippine congressman: Philippines and China did not sign back to Huangyan Island fishermen fishing agreement "Philippines Daily Inquirer" reported on 27, according to last week with President Duthel Te’s visit to the Philippines Luo China member can be revealed in the negotiation process. China want Philippines government signed a "allowed" to return to the Huangyan island of Philippine fishermen fishing a formal written agreement, Philippines did not agree. Reported that Luo said at a press conference in Philippines on Wednesday, said, this agreement has not been disclosed, there is no official signature. Because we do not want to use the term ‘allow’ permission, which is contrary to the results of the Hague arbitration". He quoted "may participate in the closed door meeting people" said that although Chinese agreed in principle to Philippines to return to Huangyan Island fishermen fishing, but the specific wording is the main reason for the two sides failed to sign a formal agreement on this issue. After the end of his visit to China, Duthel Te, 23, said the Philippines fishermen in a few days can be returned to Huangyan island fishing. Do not pass through the agency said the Chinese side to allow fishermen to return to Huangyan, Philippines contains certain conditions". Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章:

Fanon Holloway September as head of the Reserve Bank of Australia should be short aud twoo是什么网站

Fanon: Holloway September as head of the Reserve Bank of Australia should be short in the Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong network August 25th News – Thursday (August 25th) Credit Agricole (Credit  Agricole) said on Wednesday (August 24th) announced the completion of construction of Australia’s second quarter data show that the construction sector further contraction, from engineering construction continued to decline to offset residential and non residential construction growth. In addition, the end of the Australian mining boom is still a significant drag on the economy. Specific points of view are as follows. Although Oakland and Melbourne auction clearance rate is still high, but other regions gradually decline. Last weekend, Sydney auction clearance rate rose to boom highs, even days also usher in strong buying, and because of the recent RBA cut. Australian reserve bank to further cut interest rates high barriers. Vice chairman of the Reserve Bank of Australia Holloway will take office in September 18th, replacing the current president Stevens, a term of seven years. Holloway refused to cut material. Therefore, the fate of the Australian dollar and the u.s.. On Friday (August 26th) fed chairman Jackson before the speech of the global central bank annual meeting, the Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar continued to invest in the direction of the trend in the vicinity of the support of the. Fanon said that since the 0.7674 Australian dollar should be short. Beijing time 14:44, the Australian dollar reported 0.762526. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: