144 hours transit visa temporary entry more convenient Shanghai port of the first to enable S jiuyaogan

The 144 hour transit visa temporary entry of   more convenient; Shanghai port is one of the first national enabled sticker type society people.com.cn people.com.cn October 14 Shanghai Xinhua (reporter Shen Wenmin) today from the Shanghai frontier inspection station learned that in October 15th 0, Shanghai will be the first pilot in the port, land, sea and air ports open to the outside the official opening of the 144 hours transit visa sticker type temporary entry permit, for foreign visitors to enjoy 144 hours transit visa policy to provide further convenience. According to the authorities, the opening of the 144 hour transit visa sticker type temporary entry permit to achieve a breakthrough in many areas, there are three main features: easy fast customs clearance. Border police to apply for the 144 hour transit visa for foreign tourists inspection audit, will put a temporary entry permit is pasted on the entry and exit certificate blank visa page, no entry stamp affixed, exit stamp affixed only at the time of departure, so as to simplify the border inspection procedures, effectively shorten the transit passenger clearance time. More humane. Sticker type temporary entry permit the newly opened all of the elements are printed automatically generated and printed with two-dimensional code contains the passenger personal information, employees will identify the foreign visitors for transit visa, local hotels and other service industries, to facilitate foreign tourists in domestic travel and accommodation registration, more humane. Strong anti fake performance. Temporary entry permit before using for seal type, border police need artificial handwritten visa date, and temporary entry permit with a new way of printing on paper and material security upgrades, using a number of printing anti-counterfeiting measures, effectively improve the safety. To ensure smooth implementation of new convenience measures, Shanghai authorities have been on the border inspection system was upgraded and equipped with specialized equipment, selection of good business, high level of foreign language and communication skills of the police undertake inspection tasks, the preparatory work has been ready. At the same time, the frontier inspection authorities will take this opportunity to improve the service level and control ability, and strive to create a more convenient and efficient customs clearance environment for the construction of Shanghai Branch Center, promote economic and social development in Shanghai. It is reported that, in addition to Shanghai port, Jiangsu port, Zhejiang Nanjing Airlines Hangzhou Airlines port as the first batch of pilot units, local authorities will issue a temporary entry permit for stickers with foreigners 144 hours transit visa policy. (commissioning editor: Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章: