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19, Shanxi Provincial Children’s hospital obstetrics and other three departments officially relocated to the Taiyuan evening news (reporter Wei Wei Hao Xiaowei) in September 16th, the provincial children’s hospital issued a notice to the hospital obstetric, neonatal medicine and neonatal intensive care in three departments, from September 19th onwards, the new ward officially moved to a high tech zone. Yesterday, the reporter specifically to the new ward is located in Changzhi road ahead of pathfinder. It is convenient to drive to the new area in the east of Changzhi Road, between South Central Street and Jinyang street, adjacent to the construction of the Metro Line 2, the traffic is very convenient. The best route to drive eastbound along the South Central Street West, turn right into the sports road, South to the Jinyang street, turn right to Jinyang street, to the east to Changzhi Road, turn right to continue, finally northward about 100 meters, you can see the road on the east side of a white building, which is in the new province the children’s hospital. The exterior wall of the building also wrote "Shanxi province children’s Hospital of maternal and child health hospital maternity newborn ward several eye-catching characters. A lot of the benefits of this line, the public has been quickly drove away from the intersection, turn right can be reached, do not worry about the problem and turn left. Members of the public can also directly from the South Central Street, Changzhi Road, and then find a way to get to the hospital. In addition, along the riverside road, drive to Jinyang street, Changzhi Road, but also to consider the problem of turn left or turn around. Yesterday, the reporter drove from the provincial children’s Hospital, the Wuyi Road and State Road, city road, Wu Jinyang street, Changzhi road to the road, because the holiday, not congestion, only more than and 20 minutes. The hospital also has underground parking lot, it is very convenient for people to drive to the hospital. If you travel by bus. From the hospital is the nearest bus station south central street in the south central Changzhi junction station, there are 807 Road, temporary stop here at the 501 road. People get off, you need to walk west to Changzhi Road, and then walk south to the hospital. In addition, the hospital in the south of the Jinyang street also has a bus station, there are 55 road and 903 road parking, walking distance to some long. The new spacious warm ward reporter walked into the new ward of a hall, the first thing is the big screen, ready to release the latest medical information is convenient for patients to grasp the hospital, expert visits information. In the lobby desk, outpatient registration fee window, image inspection center, medical staff are doing system debugging. The hospital has also acquired a lot of advanced equipment, a variety of facilities are also reflected in the mother and baby care. The hospital corridor, folding baby care installation is very convenient, mom to change diapers, just gently fold buckle down, turned into a simple operation table. Hospital maternity ward, has already laid a clean new sheets, medical staff are busy doing disinfection finishing and drug shelves, etc.. In addition, the hospital also set up a separate labour room, to better meet the needs of a variety of maternal. In the neonatal ward and neonatal intensive care unit, incubator, beds have been installed properly.相关的主题文章: