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2 men burst into the hotel room of the sleeping woman compulsoryindecent original title: a man compulsoryindecent woman jailed for six months in Guangxi news network Lingyun October 22nd news (correspondent Teng Shumin) recently, Lingyun County People’s court pronounced the verdict with forced lewd women case, to enforce indecency and sentenced the defendant Wu Moumou imprisonment for six months. April 10, 2016 at 1 pm, Wu Moumou and his two friends together for fun to a hotel in Lingyun county". Subsequently, Wu Moumou indiscriminately, has two times to enter the hotel room 205, on the inside to kiss the face, the implementation of Huang Moumou woman cuddle, touch chest and other acts, and regardless of the other and scream against its lewd. Wu Moumou friends said after the wrong object, Wu Moumou stopped indecency, leaving the victim’s room. Hotel attendant immediately alarm, Wu Moumou was rushed to the hotel police arrested on the spot. Wu Moumou contrary to the will of women, forced indecency, the act constitutes a crime of forced indecency. In view of the defendant after justice can truthfully confessed his crime, and voluntarily pleaded guilty in court, the court made the above verdict. Source: Guangxi News Network Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: