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20 note two additional Guangdong lottery lottery! 3 million 960 thousand yuan son house dream super lotto game 16096th lottery jackpot 7 million 280 thousand yuan, the 5 note in the current, two prize 63 note, 123759 yuan bonus for each note. Guangdong Foshan lucky lottery Mr. Huo to single additional times the investment bet, total investment of 60 yuan, have two prize in the 20 note (including additional), winning the $3 million 960 thousand prize money, winning lottery ticket from Foshan City Nanhai District Xiaotang Changan Road No. 72 building 16 No. 4 Shop No. 05003 betting stations. The morning of August 23rd, the winner FOK accompanied by his family, came to the city hall of Foshan sports lottery lottery center for the awarding procedures. That staff work with Mr. Huo in the conversation, he is a hardcore lottery, this group of content for the area before the 01+06+08+12+21 region; 02+10 "winning numbers, he has kept for 4 years. When asked about the reasons for choosing additional bets, Mr FOK said that thanks to April this year, the National Lottery Center opened with prize promotions, because at that time during the Super Lotto 500 million yuan awards, double additional bet fixed bonus, so Mr. Huo through formation of lottery betting habits, each will choose an additional way. In addition, he did not know that he had won a million jackpot, betting station owners of good intentions reminder, he was careful to verify clearly. "We have known for years through the lottery, he phoned me, the only I bought 20 note additional votes, asked me if I knew the lottery results. So, I am very grateful to the honest old friend, if it is not his reminder, I lost the lottery trouble." Mr FOK said, has added to the owners of praise. For bonus arrangements, Fok wife endorsement: "we all want to solve the housing problem has always been the son, now have the money, all the schedule smoothly done or easily solved faster than expected, or due to the lotto."相关的主题文章: