2016 who led the Twelfth Golden Apple award officially opened-nvidia geforce gt 740m

2016 who led the Twelfth "Golden Apple Award" for the official opening of autumn, fruit fragrance, it is time for a year of hard work to do a summary, by the above meeting, known as the top web hosting industry leader said 2016 of the twelfth annual "Golden Apple award heavy open! As the highest and most widely involved and most authoritative game awards event, "the Golden Apple award has entered its twelfth year, though the time will change, but the selection of the spirit of" authoritative, fair and open "principle will never change. The "Golden Apple award will be as in the past on the performance of the industry enterprises and products make excellent recognition, provide a showcase for the best candidate enterprises in the selection of all-embracing also, look forward to their continued success in 2017. The twelfth session of the "Golden Apple Award" 2016 awards website: 2016 is a year of ups and downs for the game industry, the overall market still maintain growth momentum, but growth has slowed sharply, coupled with fierce competition, oligopoly, cash flow tight and other issues highlighted, the more difficult business environment. But in the meantime, still have a large number of emerging enterprises, the industry left deep impression, there are also old enterprises dominate, steadily lead the industry development. They face the industry to change the normal, steady operation and use of practical services and excellent technical strength to gain competitive advantage, so as to get steady growth in the current space. The exemplary role they have made for the industry deserves our commendation. The "Golden Apple Award" covering a total of thirteen class 49 awards, the top of the net as the selection of the organizers will be invited from the mobile game, VR AR, H5 games, two yuan, live field in all fields a number of elites jury, on the basis of the "brand" and "corporate image", "product quality" "revenue" four mandatory standards for a full range of evaluation. A field selection cover mobile games, the new board, broadcast, application software, AR, VR H5 games, prizes will cover the application development, game CP, channels, platforms, distributors, equipment manufacturers, ecological construction etc.. "The Golden Apple award winners will begin in early February 2017 in public, the final list of winners will be announced at the 2017 TFC meeting on the eve of the twelfth Golden Apple awards ceremony and dinner in the high-end G60". At the same time, the "Golden Apple Award" is also a collection of successful experience of interaction and sharing, selection of enterprise business cooperation and other aspects of the media. This is not only the recognition of the outstanding achievements of the 2016 annual meeting of the enterprise, but also an enterprise soft and hard strength and brand reputation competition stage. Here, we also warmly welcome from various industries in their respective areas of considerable achievements of the enterprises involved, seize the opportunity to display their own corporate image. The year 2016 submitted information (enterprises oriented enterprise name, enterprise introduction, enterprise website, contacts, contact telephone, QQ and e-mail; game products should be submitted to the name of the game) home from the Golden Apple Award: please download the application form, complete send mail to Info Network相关的主题文章: