2016 will greatly enhance the competitiveness of dazzle CVT Yuedong Version (video) p8400

2016 will greatly enhance the competitiveness of dazzle CVT Yuedong version with rapid development of domestic brands, the compact car price is not a short decline, market space more and more small force small car, but after the market’s survival (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) after the most classic of the fittest, several still been retained at the same time, it also forced the several quality small competition among more and more and more fierce, the Guangzhou TOYOTA (micro-blog) caused by Hyun (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) ushered in the 2016 models, in addition to the more fashionable appearance design, at the same time, the configuration of the upgrade will significantly enhance the market competitiveness. The official guide price is only 6.98-10.48 million, and launched 8 models available. The 2016 Beijing auto show: one minute read the new TOYOTA YARiS L to dazzle early in the TOYOTA YARiS L dazzle from Yaris (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) upgrade, the Guangzhou TOYOTA adjust itself out of the "mustache on the subject of intense appraise, but it has also become a major feature of the personalized dazzle however, with the 2016 models listed, TOYOTA will this" feature "to play to the extreme, and in a larger size and black piano paint material to show, while the new style headlamps group and the new bottom inlet, and the fog area group built a more three-dimensional X face shape the details, but also the integration of TOYOTA’s new family design, makes the vehicle more stylish and sporty. The shape changes in body and tail and small size, only slightly a bit, and the internal structure of taillights more fashionable, and replaced the LED light source to enhance the sense of quality. Summary: the appearance of "beard" seems to become more lenient, but through the optimization of TOYOTA’s new family design, instead makes the car look more avant-garde and fashion, especially new taillights style headlamps and LED light source, which greatly enhance the beauty of science and technology. Consumers are expected to pursue personalized love, and those who do not like the people still do not like, it is extreme performance. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable. Compared with novel appearance, 2016 dazzle interior design and layout are consistent with the old models, only the console panel material at the center for a more a sense of quality black piano paint, the CD player and air conditioning control is more and more clear. Multi function steering wheel only three top models exclusive, but the dashboard of all models are used in the deeper color, light against the pale blue halo of the sense of science and technology greatly improved. As a key to start and cruise control and configuration are also unique configuration of the top version, but the whole system comes standard with vehicle stability control system (VSC), hill start assist function (HAC) and the engine start stop system is this paragraph is the most important core, but also greatly enhance the market competitiveness of the vehicle. Summary: a configuration of interior and interior sense of quality is significantly improved, at the same time as the whole system comes standard with vehicle stability control system (VSC) and hill start assist.相关的主题文章: