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2017 mobile terminal these games are worth looking forward to! The day before the eleventh session of the 2016 Jin Ling award winners officially announced, triggered a large number of mobile game media attention, especially the "mobile network game" and "game player favorite game player most anticipated mobile network game" the two awards. Review of 2015 "mobile network game" the most anticipated game player award, we can find many regulars on the list of the 2016 – perfect world and victory games jointly issued the "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" in the game Westhouse and Tencent jointly issued "JX mobile edition", and from the "heart game" sweep away the millions of enemy troops. They are highly competitive work in their respective types of games, this year’s golden plume award, "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" more re "mobile network game" game player favorite award, visible Jin Ling award of the forward-looking Chinese game market and product value judgment. In the year 2016 Jin Ling Award "most anticipated game player mobile network game" winners, two Mobile Games has been officially open beta on the line, are the "light of dawn" and "world Musketeers Mobile Games", these two products on behalf of the first half of the mobile terminal production wind under MMORPG 2016, including the performance effect reaching the end of the tour of the rendering engine, flight angle rotation and light, more depth of social team play etc.. "Dawn light", "light of dawn" was launched in three by blue harbor interactive synchronization of large 3D action Mobile Games, the blue harbor from the research Saturn 3D engine build, strong engine rendering and can rotate 360 degrees angle substantially higher the similar competing products at the top of the visual experience on the standard, once accounted for according to Appstore bestsellers nearly a month Top10. "Xishan Ju Jian Wang JX world Mobile Games" IP Trilogy by second, millet mutual entertainment offerings, both sides poured a lot of resources, with a strong market advantage. Xishanju practice in the "world Musketeers Mobile Games" in "do not sell, not sell numerical equipment" operating mode, the card as a product of the main profit model. You can switch to a different game player in the game in the main role of martial art experience diverse gameplay, this is another important feature of the game. In addition to the above two works, "Ragnarok RO: Guardian of eternal love", "eight guardians", "torch light" and other award-winning works are MMORPG, covering the theme of magic, martial arts, such as two yuan, more than half of the winners, visible in 2017, Chinese Mobile Games market mainstream business the types of online games will remain for the role-playing, social gameplay more severe, the trend of the end of the tour. "Ragnarok RO: Guardian of eternal love" this is from the heart of the same name end tour network via licensed both for orthodox MMORPG Mobile Games, tries to inherit RO logo style of adorable, to reproduce the original role of the advanced occupation system and life of social production division, contrast difference and domestic mainstream emphasis on Competition against the national war MMO. "Eight guardians" tour development, Tencent agents, strong IP and a combination of the end of the tour of Dachang adapted works. "Dragon eight" end of the tour to enjoy the official authorized by Mr. Jin Yong, since 2007 has been issued!相关的主题文章: