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2017 or 5 AFC Champions League implementation of foreign aid policy at the end of November announced the final results – Sports Sohu according to the "Sports Weekly" news, AFC intends to change the foreign aid policy AFC Champions League this month in the end of May, from the beginning of next year, AFC Champions League League will change the original "3+1" foreign aid policy, and the implementation of the 5 foreign aid policy. According to the final results of the FIFA Xiya will this month at the end of the AFC Executive Committee will make a decision. It is reported that, due to the AFC intends to change the quota of foreign aid is sub outside the fraud, some South American countries, especially Brazil foreign aid in order to gold in the Asia League, have "buy passports", transform into Asian nationality. In August this year, the AFC Champions League 14 final first leg match in the United Arab Emirates team away 3 to 0 victory over Nussle Jiashen Qatar team, 2, Nussle team this summer to introduce the new Indonesian foreign aid mefE alone but then Qatar to the AFC report, accused mefE forged passports. The final implementation of the AFC suspended for 60 days punishment mefE, and the Nussle team 3 than 0 win results commuted to Jiashen team than the 3 to 0 win. In fact, because of the Asian foreign aid policy, the AFC in recent years often received similar reports, originally in order to promote the development of the Asian Football exchanges in Asia and foreign policy, but it has now become a lot of club loopholes loopholes, so the AFC’s determination to make rectification, during the Congress held in India in September this year, we want to discuss according to the "sub" matters, but in the end because of various reasons was shelved, but after the AFC various comments, is proposed to increase the quota of foreign aid, is the use of 5 foreign aid program. In addition, the AFC to Asian countries can achieve a breakthrough in the world, will also focus on the Club World Cup, currently, Asian countries want to make a breakthrough in the world cup, is extremely difficult. The only thing that could be done was to do the club. So far, the world cup, the Asian Club has five times to get a good result of the third, but has not been able to break into the finals. One of the most important points is that the degree of openness in the field of foreign aid, such as UEFA and South America, far exceeds that of asia. According to the relevant reports, the AFC has clearly put forward two sets of programs: first, on the basis of the existing 3+1 policy, starting next year into 4+1". That is, to continue to retain the Asia policy, while allowing the club to add more than one foreign aid. Two is canceled outside Asia, the direct foreign aid will be relaxed for the 5. These two sets of programs will be handed over to the association of representatives of the sub committee to discuss the agreement. In accordance with the relevant meetings of the AFC, the final results will be this month at the end of the AFC Executive Committee will make a decision, once adopted, the new plan will be fully implemented in 2017. There is no doubt that the expansion of foreign aid quota for the Super League will also have a certain impact. (Fu Qi)相关的主题文章: