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3 students were killed in the fraud case cracked 28 suspects arrested JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Zhang Sijia) recently, Shandong, Guangdong and other places for 3 students by the telecommunications network fraud, victims of death or Dutch act case, has aroused widespread concern. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Ministry of public security, the 3 cases are solved, 28 suspects were arrested, the case is under further investigation. Xu Yuyu cheated 9900 yuan death police investigation, the suspect Dumou use technical means to attack the "2016 Shandong college entrance examination online registration information system" and at the site of implantation of the virus trojan, access the website backstage login permissions, to steal a large amount of candidates including Xu Yuyu, registration information. At the beginning of July, the suspect Chen set up fraud dens in Jiangxi province Jiujiang rental housing, through the chat tool to search for "college entrance examination data group" and "student data" chat group, the release of personal information in the purchase of the demand, from the hands of Dumou at a price of 0.5 yuan each to buy a 1800 year high school students information. Chen hired Jeong, Hwang and others posing as the Education Bureau, the Financial Bureau staff to call in order to grant the name of the student enrollment in the college entrance examination fraud. Peng suspects through the network repeatedly to Chen criminal gangs selling non real name mobile phone cards for the use of criminal gangs. In August 19th 16, the gang fraud 9900 yuan Xu Yuyu, Xu Yuyu impersonation identity to the suspect to open a bank card account remittance 6 minutes later, Chen is in Fujian Quanzhou control Zheng Moumou suspect organization Xiong, Chen Moumou et al in Quanzhou, a bank ATM machine to take the money. In August 21st, Xu Yuyu was heartbroken, stagnation in the heart, leading to cardiac arrest, although the hospital to rescue, but still died. Currently, more than 8 suspects have been arrested. Song Zhenning cheated 1996 yuan from August 12th, Shandong University of Technology student Song Zhenning was criminals to the bank card fee, withholding of identity was fraudulent and false reason cheated 1996 yuan. August 23rd morning, Song Zhenning cardiac arrest, unfortunately died. Police identified the gang principal Shangguan incites Lee, Liu, Lee et al using the pseudo base send SMS fraud, the victim after receiving the message call, lured the victim to various excuses to transfer to the designated account. Currently, the above 4 people and other suspects involved in the case have been arrested in the 10. Cai Shuyan cheated 9800 yuan Dutch act in July 19th, Guangdong County of Huilai province college entrance examination admission freshmen Cai Shuyan received counterfeit criminals "run, brothers" column group issued a false winning message, Cai Shuyan back to dial the telephone number in the message, by the suspect lured login phishing site click, and fill in the personal information. Subsequently, the suspect has to pay the deposit, personal income tax and other reasons to deceive the victim to the account provided by the suspect remittances, divided into three times a total of $9800. From August 28th onwards Cai Shuyan lost 29 in the afternoon, her body was found in the sea of Huilai jinghai. Cai Shuyan left a suicide note, said the encounter fraud, discredited in the face of parents". After the incident.相关的主题文章: