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3 year old boy missing suddenly found to have been pressing cloth heap suffocation suffocation boy original title: children age three missing, cloth heap found dead on the evening of 24, a child was missing being forwarded on the network. The missing child named Le Le (a pseudonym), is a twin brother, with his parents from Henan to Nantong, parents engaged in bedding business in Nantong Haimen stacked stone Textile City area. In the evening, Lele disappeared while playing in the production workshop. The police after receiving the alarm, after struggling to find, finally found the child in the next day, but sadly, Lele has in his shop cloth heap suffocation. Circle of friends in the forwarding of missing children message "SOS, Henan 3 year old boy lost in Jiangsu Nantong. Child characteristics: a scar on the right face. Lost when wearing a black jacket, barefoot!" "In November 24th, about 5:20 in the afternoon, twin brother Lele in the vicinity of Haimen Samsung Dieshiqiao Linxi village lost, the children home in Henan. Family crazy, please kindly help find!"…… On the evening of 24, a dramatic missing person to be forwarded in Nantong many people circle of friends. According to Samsung police station informed the police, the first half of last year, who lives in Henan, Shangqiu on behalf of a couple with a pair of twins just walking to the Linxi Village Industrial Park, haimen. On behalf of a couple here opened a bedding shop. Weekdays, they work side by side with the child care. Because of working together on behalf of a brother and sister also have children, his son and they play together all day. On the afternoon of November 24th, my brother Lele and his companions were playing in the workshop. At 5:20 in the evening Xu, Lele’s mother after a good meal, shouting Lele eat. Can be called several times, but did not come back lele. She found the other two children, asked Lele? They said they were playing together, and then disappeared. Lele’s mother in the factory inside and outside to find a time, the result is still no sign of lele. At this time, Lele father came back from the outside, the couple and relatives and friends to find. After unsuccessful, mad family believed that children must have been stolen. In alarm at the same time, they also make a missing person, and released for Lele news in the WeChat circle of friends. Police organizations to find friends and relatives fruitless, received a warning of the Samsung police station rushed to the scene. After listening to the introduction Lele parents situation, the police immediately access to surveillance enterprise in front of the crossroads, careful comparison of the judgments, but found no signs of the child was taken away. After analysis, the police preliminary judgment, Lele may fall out of a river, two may hide in the corner of the workshop. That night, the police organized a friend’s relatives and friends in the river fishing most of the night, did not find the child. More than and 200 square meters workshop, relatives and friends have not found the child. Find the child cloth pile, has died of suffocation in the morning, the police came to the factory, to continue in the river salvage organization of human. The police also came to the workshop, workshop around West Hills piled up into cloth carefully check. The cloth from the ground piled up, cylindrical. Every horse has a Kay.相关的主题文章: