31 year old Olympic champion actually love the wedding queen of 67 years old solid converter

The 31 year old was 67 year old Olympic champion love wedding queen lead: Ivan · Lesa Cheik called one of the skating Olympic champion in history so far the best shape, he and the famous designer Wang Weiwei was 36 years old the love affair is also popular attention. Ivan and Wang Weiwei dinner 31 Olympic champion 67 year old queen love wedding famous American skater Ivan · Lesa Cheik is the Winter Olympics and the world champions, recently, he and the famous designer Wang Weiwei in a New York restaurant was shot, En Aitian honey, fell face dog friends. Have a sunny smile and let Ivan · figure 1.88 meters; Lesa Cheik became one of the skating history so far the best conditions for the appearance of Olympic champion and world champion, he is 31 years old this year and the 67 year old Wang Weiwei fell in love from a few years ago attracted fans concerned. The media broke the two people already live in Wang Weiwei at the Beverly Hills mansion, very happy. In the investigation of "full of love affair questioned, but there are also people who believe that love is beyond age, how do you see?" 39.9% of users said, can not accept! Feeling "fell in love" feelings "," age "to look at love in netizens is very important, most people can not accept the concept of age disparity relationship. But there are 21.9% of users said "no, only the love of two people to understand the age is not a problem, as well as 21.7% of the users chose" age is not a problem, as long as the true feelings should be a blessing.". With the continuous opening of ideas, there are a large number of users that love is beyond all, should not be hindered by age, as long as two people love. Mature woman’s 3 charm of the 1 independent confident economic independence, is the most basic condition. Economic independent woman, do not have to buy a dress, a lipstick and obedient to please men. The spirit of independent woman, connotation, sense, confident, inner rich, temperament to win, like a readable book. 2 style beauty girl may be cute, but a wine style is a practice for many years after exudes. Imitation does not come, learning does not come, it takes time, flowers are easy to thank, only fruit, you can slowly taste. 3 gentle and considerate mature women will be tolerant of people, caring for people, "sister" role will naturally bound her words and deeds, a kind of strength of tenderness, broad, positive, warm people. Young girls may only reach out to others, while mature women know how to extend their hands, pat the dust on your shoulders, or for you to clean up the collar. The action is simple, but very good at. She may not be able to solve the problem of your work, but she can let you listen to the tank slowly find ideas. Maybe she can not meet you around you spoiled masculine psychology, but when you are thirsty there just want to drink a cup of water. Maybe she doesn’t have the beauty of youth invincible, but with her, you will feel very comfortable.相关的主题文章: