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Hongkong to buy insurance is really worth it, the accident insurance coverage of the mainland higher cost of RMB exchange rate continued to decline, the property market regulation policy more and more tight, which is the field of new investment direction? Some people look to the Hongkong insurance. But to remind the industry, although go to Hongkong to buy insurance with high coverage, low rates, high income, service advantages, but enjoy high returns at the same time, we should also take into account the claims standards differences, policy disputes brought by the cost of rights as well as the exchange rate risk. Mainland residents to buy insurance in recent years, in recent years, there are a lot of people in Chengdu to take advantage of the shopping mall to buy insurance. Hongkong insurance why fire? The main point of publicity is to protect the content, the premium cheap, high income, tax avoidance…… Through relatives, in Chengdu, a public institution to work with Ms. Jiang contact a Hongkong insurance company broker, the broker for her to introduce a lot of types of insurance in Hongkong. According to Ms. Jiang, the main consideration of the purchase of health care products and to buy children’s education fund insurance. Hongkong insurance is currently the most eye-catching long term life insurance, critical illness insurance and other insurance, the same insured, 30% low premiums in Hongkong; coverage of a wider coverage of the world accepted claims. The reason for the high cost of premium is the main advantage of the most preferred by the mainland customers like Hongkong insurance products are mainly two types: life of a major disease insurance and savings of life insurance. As a basis for the configuration of the product, a major illness insurance popular, and for high net worth customers, saving products are more popular. For mainland customers to buy insurance products in Hong Kong, a professional who declined to be named, explained that the premium cheap high dividend. Of course, the removal of low premium, high income advantage, there is an advantage is the diversification of foreign asset allocation, asset value. The industry said that since 2006, Hongkong does not need to levy inheritance tax, and inheritance tax has been a high net worth customers want to circumvent the problem. "I also see the Hongkong insurance more complete protection function and the nature of the savings with a savings function." Ms. Jiang said, if it is determined the specific types of insurance, she plans to Hongkong site signing next week. To remind people buy insurance sign less mainland to Hongkong also has its two sides. Just as high yields tend to mean high risk, Hongkong insurance also has its own risks. Hongkong insurance is worth buying? During the period of mainland residents to Hong Kong to buy insurance to the Hongkong insurance company, belong to "to sign" voluntary, but note that in the mainland insurance or pay the premium insurance book, fill in the mainland, then the sales staff will insure single premium insurance policy issued by Hongkong to carry the behavior of illegal underground policy that is not protected by law in the mainland, is not protected by law in Hongkong. In addition, the mainland residents to Hongkong to buy insurance, if the long-term savings, and the price of the Hong Kong dollar policy, the exchange rate risk is relatively large. Professional advice, the mainland insurance accident insurance is a very high price, while Hongkong is a severe illness and dividend investment products, to specific conditions at the time of purchase. There are more than idle funds customers can consider going abroad to buy dividend insurance, pension and other benefits of life insurance相关的主题文章: