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Female master license plate affixed to the outside magnetic card online shopping card of Shanghai 27 demerit points 15 days of detention a driver altered Shanghai 27 demerit points detained for 15 days – 30 yuan, online shopping "Shanghai" character plate magnet – monitoring showed that the owners are squatting on the plate before going out before November 19, 2016 A03 news: with source: News Morning magnet background color significantly with the regular license plate color is the color of license plate magnetic police figure morning news reporter Wu Linhua two "Shanghai" stickers, plus two magnets, paste gently, the original Jiangsu license plate of the car becomes the second "Shanghai" brand, in the peak period can be elevated. Shanghai license so difficult to shoot, elevated limit line gradually, I was forced to helpless." Yesterday, the Minhang traffic police detachment brigade accident trial, as the project manager in the Zhangjiang biopharmaceutical company "80" Female Master Wang, because the use of motor vehicles altered motor vehicle license plate and the 5 elevated in violation of the ban on signs and other illegal activities, face a record 27 points, fined 6000 yuan and detained for 15 days. In November 10th this year, a netizen uploaded a self search highlights photos to Shanghai police report. Photo, a license plate for Shanghai JVQ318 white KIA sedan, traveling on the elevated. At first glance, it is difficult to find clues, but careful observation, you will find the "Shanghai" profile was significantly better than the other letters of a small number, but also the background than the other part to deep. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment maneuver police received a report after the running track of this car for video tracking, found the car license plate for most of the time, Su JVQ318, among them several times in the elevated, the plate and transformed to "Shanghai JVQ318", this is how it happened? "Obviously, the owners have altered motor vehicle license plate." Traffic police detachment maneuver Xu Langang said. Upon inquiry, the police quickly locked the vehicle driver’s identity: Wang, female, 80 female master, worked at a Shanghai Zhangjiang biological medicine science and Technology Co Ltd, as the project manager. Subsequently, the police immediately rushed to the Wang residence in Minhang, found this car "Sue JVQ318 license plate white KIA sedan in the underground garage area. According to residential property revealed that the car did not move a few days, the owner may not be at home. Motorized detachment of traffic police carried out a careful verification of the vehicle and found that after the license plate Su words have obvious traces of wear and tear, two for the adsorption Shanghai Iron brand is still stuck on the license plate. Through the window, the police to see the inside of the door of the car door storage material inside, two "Shanghai" magnetic stickers in the eyes. Police then access to the garage surveillance video, found the car every morning before going out, Ms. Wang will go to the vehicle, squatting make some action in the plate, although no specific details of surveillance video captured her OEM, but record the vehicle out of the library, the plate has become the "Shanghai JVQ318". After mastering the video data, the police contacted Ms. Wang, but she said he was in the field of business, unable to deal with illegal. Waiting for nearly 6 hours later, the traffic police department will be suspected of forgery.相关的主题文章: