Non tax revenue publicity must be refined to 捷安特xtc750

Non tax revenue publicity must be refined to the eyes of the Guangzhou municipal departments of the 2015 annual revenue and expenditure accounts? How about the use of fiscal funds? What are the fees paid by the government? The day before, the city’s 110 departments at the same level in the city management comprehensive law enforcement bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the City Planning Commission and other departments directly under 100 discloses sector accounts for the year 2015 books on the government portal. This year, the Guangzhou sun books, in addition to expanding the scope of the public, most attention is the refinement of the way the sun books. This year, not only the addition of new accounts and the beginning of the budget comparison, the non tax revenue will be open to the most refined project class. Non tax revenue of the public from the beginning of 2013, the general ledger only released at the beginning, gradually improve until released this year to "eye", is a measure of worth. According to the Ministry of finance, non tax income includes income from government funds, special income, administrative fees, confiscation of income, the income of state-owned capital operating income, paid use of state-owned resources (assets) income and other income of seven small. Due to the relative lack of supervision, the economic downturn will reduce the tax by non tax for the collection, strengthen and even charges lead to non tax revenue surge is not a rare thing. Therefore, the collection of non tax revenues of refinement, increase transparency and provide the basis for the supervision of the public, is very important. The refinement of non tax revenue should also be extended to other categories. At present, China’s fiscal expenditure budget system from top to bottom "project" is divided into four levels, before the budget is open only to the "class", then gradually in part to "paragraph" open, another part of refinement to the "a", but not down to the head ". In fact, even down to the item, there will still be ambiguity, for example, three funds in going abroad (border) costs, if the state of this one, do not see is the international cultural exchange and technology research or even go abroad to compete is not the official travel abroad". Refinement to the goal is not only in the non tax revenue, in the final accounts should be so. In addition, the universal "other income" should also list the contents, will prevent all indistinct spending to fill in. As for the new accounts and the beginning of the budget comparison, the move can be more intuitive to reflect the completion of the budget. Here the need to pay attention to a possible misunderstanding, is that savings accounts and saving more is better, two years ago, strict control three when there have been three funds suddenly reduced the situation. In fact, the budget is done in order to more scientific and more regular money, if the increase or decrease of funds, but that the budget and the implementation itself is a problem. Put the money into practice, will do the budget and final accounts, is not a grandiose budget and save accounts or present a beautiful book, but from the beginning of planning and feasibility research, comprehensive fine budgeting, coupled with strict and efficient implementation, will play a scientific and effective accounts. This year, Guangzhou fancy sun books, in the refinement and mode brought gratifying improvement. Of course, with the development of economy and society, the scientific nature of the budget, the effectiveness of the implementation, transparency of accounts will be raised.相关的主题文章: