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World of Warcraft 7 all professional artifact summary list – the original title of the people’s game: World of Warcraft 7 professional artifact summary of the appearance of each artifact artifact of the 5 models, each of the shape of the color of the 4. Style, color and artifact attributes are irrelevant. Simple model change. Styling and color matching to unlock through the task PVP, similar achievements. Frost – Death Knight Sword frost fallen Prince (ice cream messenger messenger and grazing) the Burning Legion to Azeroth casting a corrosion, to steal the soul — the runeblade Frostmourne, but this sword later in Icecrown Citadel top Ashbringer is shattered. Millions of souls escaped from the sword, but there are still unlucky souls trapped in the debris. Today, Frostmourne fragments can be recast and accept absorption more power, but the first thing to subdue still trapped in the soul, the holder will surrender to. Evil evil Apocalypse — the death knight named Nath Leisz M bloodsucking demon created the ancient sword, it spread violent, pestilence and death. In a later revealed the Tirisfal wizards, but because he could not control the sword in destructive power, a tragedy, and soon heard its name shiver all over though not cold. Soon after, the fallen guardian of Tirisfal Maddie sent a terrible dark knight servant, won the sword. They will hide in the catacombs. The Cara tower in praise. Blood – Death Knight (no full figure) – the blood curse of the throat ancient Legion axe with the enemy can absorb the essence of life to create a metal. The soul of the original maker was trapped in the axe, tortured by the curse, and its hunger never ceased. For more than one thousand years, a crafty old engineer of the axe had used the axe to crush the rebellion and devour the life force of the burning legion. This makes more Months and years pass by. down, afraid of the axe at the same time, the holder will also become extremely powerful. (Dong Sirui, commissioning editor Bi Lei) original title: the appearance of the World of Warcraft 7 full occupation artifact summary list elements – Elements of fist of the Pantheon Titans Leiden shaman leader, father of the gods of Suhl Oman put the wrath of God to guide the storm is entrusted to the supreme guardian of Deng lai. Leiden with this artifact to Titan foundry magic ancient clan into life, and use it with the dark empire for several years. After the artifact was lost, it was finally found by the God of the gods. The snow felt anger which contains a powerful and dangerous force, then decided to keep waiting, experts in different fields, to the cause of justice took the artifact. Before the resumption of the scepter of Azshara – Shaman restoration in Azshara into nagas, she created this powerful scepter. The eternal well pure weapons in torrents, gave it the powerful magic and treatment ability. In wartime, the rod was swallowed by the sea before he disappeared in Azshara and his followers. Although the Night Elves were later found, but they相关的主题文章: