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Double eleven electricity supplier war staged in advance "War Within Three Kingdoms" double eleven battle staged in advance "War Within Three Kingdoms" photograph: visual Chinese once a year the double eleven shopping carnival is still half a month, but the heat has begun to heat up. October 18th, Jingdong mall and Suning in Beijing and Nanjing preheat. Jingdong announced a high-profile eleven will double this year for a play – no longer follow the previous sale mode, but through the "good price" and "the ultimate service" and "intelligent experience" three major initiatives to guide the rational consumer shopping. The scene of consumption, integration of online and offline, industrial layout, the younger is Suning dual eleven key words. Alibaba preheat is more choice in Hongkong, which means that 2016 pairs of Tmall will test the waters from Hongkong, Taiwan market, the internationalization of Ali further to the world. Tmall announced that this year’s eleven, including the world’s top 98 thousand businesses, more than 10 million kinds of goods, will be sold for the first time by the global model, sold to Hong Kong and taiwan. A global brand is Tmall first sold in Hong Kong and Taiwan, a test for the fully open global trade routes. Alibaba: buy the world to sell the world over the past three years, double the globalization of the Alibaba is the process of gradual progress of the eleven. Beginning in 2014, the concept of Alibaba will globalization into double eleven Alibaba, then open the globalization, both want to allow domestic consumers to buy love international brand products, and want to help Chinese high-quality goods go global. 2015 was regarded as the first year of the eleven globalization, more emphasis on global buy". According to public data show that in 2015 double eleven, there are more than 40 thousand businesses, more than 30 thousand brands and 6 million kinds of goods involved, including more than 5 thousand big overseas from the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and other 25 countries and regions. The same day the global turnover of countries and regions to reach 205, including Japan, the United States, South Korea, Germany, Australia to become the country’s import turnover TOP5. This year’s double eleven from "buy the world" to "sell the world" is not empty talk. As the world’s first stop, Hongkong has revealed a thick atmosphere of eleven double. From the Hongkong airport, subway to Hong Kong all public facilities, facilities to attract public attention focus on the comprehensive coverage of the Tmall twin eleven ad. From the beginning of October 21 zero, Tmall international advance opened the Hongkong rally special, 100+ international brands special, Tmall launched a HK $300 to send 300 store coupons to Hong Kong, zero freight activities, attract Hongkong residents to participate in a ten. "There is no clear sales, our goal is to find the pain point of Hongkong consumers." Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong revealed. In order to help Hongkong residents to participate in the double eleven, Alipay and octopus achieve open, 7-11 in Hong Kong has become Tmall’s collection point. In the view of China e-commerce research center analyst Mo Daiqing, Ali choose the sea hand because the mainland netizens double eleven purchasing power has been excavated half; on the other hand is the practical action of initiative response Ma raised at the G20 summit "eWTP". theory相关的主题文章: