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Come on, little hoard burn first aid measures – Sohu kindly said the mother, is the treasure after burn with toothpaste thousand prevent anti, unexpectedly, a turn, treasure it was burned, well, the most common in children with accidental injury, to treasure brings physical trauma. Once it is placed in front of the thing, not a good deal, but also to the treasure left psychological shadow, the shadow area is too large, you will treasure with life…… This burn, it is easy to feed and take a bath when secretly to find the door, it is annoying? In case, Xiao Nan said is in the event of emergency measures, or to learn, when the store point of parental knowledge. Where there is harm to escape, that is, immediately leave the heat source, in order to avoid further damage to treasure. Yeah, clothes…… Quickly drops, take off treasure on hot or burning clothes. "Sticky skin on the hey", do not be forced to tear a moment, scissors cut open, gently remove clothes, this money can not be distressed children clothes; wounds exposed? OK, a faucet, a lot of cold water Hua Hua Lala wash, wash away dirt or the second, cold cold water, a word, naturally cooling to a certain extent, so it can prevent the residual heat damage Bao body. Then, the focus has come, we must keep the wound clean treasure, even if people look distressed, do not smear any drugs on their own, know not? To apply treasure caused scald wound infection, and ultimately affect the wound healing of the thing, that really do not want to see. If you really want to do something, go to the hospital. The way to the hospital, Baba Ma Ma can concentrate on driving, roughly determine what burns treasure, how to judge? The area of scald, numb fingers together, remember the palm area about the surface area of l%, and then compare the treasure wound, the larger the number, the greater the scope of burns. Depth, it is necessary to look more carefully: a burn – erythema, red skin. Shallow two degree burns – local swelling and pain, there are different sizes of blisters. Deep two degree burns – red skin, pain and burning, blisters smaller or thinner. Three degree burns — no blisters, waxy white or brown, skin peeling. Comprehensive look at the area and depth, in general, two degrees below the light, burn area of less than 1%~2%, after the outpatient treatment can be home treatment, if necessary, hospitalization. A treasure burn, Xiao Nan want to say is, the older generation of experience, especially with toothpaste sauce, easily wrong, why? Will be infected wounds, but also to change the color of the wound treasure, affecting the doctor’s judgment. Oil ash also stepped back, they will also affect the discharge of wound exudate, also make wound infection. Blisters? Grandma burned the needle, is ready to pick broken. This small, feel not all, depends on the circumstances — not without blisters, blisters, only, there are still chanting, to prevent the intrusion of bacteria, not prone to infection, but is in protecting the wound; the blister is too large, or the position in the joint activities such as blisters.相关的主题文章: