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Beef Line – Sohu and secret Hot pot gourmet Mr. Cai Lan once said "food in Guangzhou, taste in the Chaozhou shantou." All parts of the good beef cattle eat about Hot pot subdivision, a cow in different regions of the texture of the charm. At the same time also pay attention to eat fresh and delicious beef, tender and not raw, oil and not greasy. Eight the beef Hot pot shop because at affordable prices showed beef essence, to become a beautiful landscape of Chaoshan food culture. Each cow from the Yunnan Guizhou Sichuan, grass grow to three to four years old, and then transported to the Dongguan fed for a week. The sea remember every day three time pinch slaughter cattle, unusually accurate, every meal 2 hours before the opening in the slaughterhouse immediately after the decomposition of bulk to the restaurant, while in transit to exclusive development of finished acid, eat beef served half an hour before dinner. In the most appropriate time to show the best flavor of each diner down to eight in the city, will cause the queue boom chowhound but the sea, remember the decoration style is simple low-key. "Why not do renovation upgrade?" For this problem, the eight Caspian sea believes that the need to focus on and adhere to things that are placed on the food itself. Both the businessman, live in the village of migrant workers, or gluttonous eaters are able to, the price is here to taste the delicious beef Hot pot. In the period of "Twelve Feng taste" hit, remember Nicholas Tse with a partner had a beef store to learn? Yes, it’s in the eight Caspian Sea in Shantou. Remember the sea also paid special attention to training and pay attention to the chef’s knife short training with three to four years and eight years long chef knife from the knife down, each one looks simple steps is the thickness control, showing the beef slices with perfect texture, complete structure for the guests. Every detail in the show on the master familiar with every detail of the hidden fully reflected the characteristics of the sub parts of beef tips. The feast is ready, all parts of the beef have shades of red and white, put a table. The soup gudonggudong steaming soup, Whitewater drifting several times, beef aroma blowing. Chaoshan people on beef fresh demands is not generally persistent in eight in the Caspian Sea a cow only 37% can be used to slice "neck benevolence" is widely sought after, it is the meat of cattle on the neck of the most frequent activities, small reddish spots distribution dense white substrate, bring the grease. Surrounded, and excellent chew. The chest is part of the chest? Fat cattle, looks unusually hot oil, but after the back up is white, bite up slightly chewy, sweet entrance between suffused with butter flavor. Three flower toe of the upper arm, called leg tendon, located in the scapula in the side, thick tendon through. Succulent crisp, sweet and fresh juice. Hanging dragon means cattle ridge, hanging dragon companion is the two side of the waist ridge, hanging dragon with smooth, meat is more full. 37% other than beef, will be used to fight beef balls. See the beef balls y handheld iron mace相关的主题文章: