To keep the car on the way to the tiger to raise a car without a car also set up a hundred yuan sql2005安装图解

To keep the car on the way to the tiger to raise a car without a car is also set up a hundred dollars at any time, buy a car, choose a car, car, car is the most important? Is the price! Everyone knows that the car is a consumable, so in addition to the basic price and one-time pay various taxes and fees, the cost of keeping a car is also very worthy of attention, is called a lot of people say to buy the car can’t afford to keep a car. Of course, the car is a lot of money to pay. However, we will reduce the cost to a certain extent, it is not impossible, and now on the way to raise hundreds of dollars to build a tiger car. The activities are divided into four large special tire special maintenance special vehicle special tires have three a area to buy more to send, the product level is well done, service can not fall, the way tiger car in the country 31 provinces and municipalities, 395 City owned cooperative door store over 10000 lines next, consumers through online booking + offline installation mode, can be very convenient to enjoy the way tiger provide car service. The way tiger car always adhere to the authentic self; the day before, with B2C proprietary business model cut the car market after the car has completed the first way tiger D round of financing, the overall valuation of nearly 5 billion yuan. Five years, the way the tiger to support the car from a sale of genuine tire business based electronic business platform, and gradually developed into a set of tires, maintenance, beauty and other product lines of the largest automotive market platform. In addition, the way tiger car has reached a strategic cooperation with 3M, Wanfeng auto yaxia car tire, Valvoline oil. Around the electronic business platform, adhere to the principle of genuine self, the way to support the gradual improvement of its car accessories, platforms, stores and warehousing logistics layout.相关的主题文章: