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Where TODS is the Tokyo Film Festival Zhang Ziyi camel big sweater style found a warm winter classic, how to become immortal Mousika? The answer may be contained in the "TIMELESS ICONS" – the S produced by TOD ‘celebrity album, containing numerous collections of the legendary landmark star, while washing as elegant, not only. Tokyo, November 9, 2016, Wednesday, TOD ‘S in Omotesando flagship store held a TIMELESS ICONS Festival reception, tribute to the immortal modern Mousika. International superstar Zhang Ziyi and Aaron Kwok as the load series Chinese stars have attended the event. In addition, the Japanese actress Kou Shibasaki KouShibasaki, Japanese actor Hirayama Hiroyuki Hiroyuki Hirayama, the Korean idol Zheng Xiujing Krystal, the new generation of TOD S brand supermodel Jin Dachuan ‘friends and celebrities also attended, together with the passage of time does not feel the space around the elegant spirit. The book is a well-known international face, whether it is the fashion industry or the film and television industry, both men and women, regardless of the age of color, covering many of the past has not been exposed to the world from the precious picture. The loading album of the Chinese star Liu Wen and supermodel and well-known actor Tong Dawei, and all the classic Western figure, Brigitte Bardot (Bardot, Brigitte · LaurenHutton (·) Lauren; Hutton), Steve McQueen (Steve · Mcqueen), Sean Connery (Sean · Connally), Charlize Theron (Charlize · Theron), Cindy Crawford (Cindy · Crawford), George Clooney (George · Clooney), Brad Pitt (Brad · Peter), and the influence of the generations of classical image in the book to show their unique charm of elegance, represents a classic for a long time through grace, they are a model of anatomia, they never be affected by time of tide. These have not faded names, showing the life aesthetics and the details of all kinds of style to the world, not only in the fashion district itself, and more embodies the pursuit of perfect quality. This activity is also heavy to celebrate the TOD ‘S Tokyo Omotesando flagship store opened, the center is located in downtown Tokyo, the building upstairs is also TOD S Japan office, by the famous Japanese architects Ito Toyo Toyo Ito: oblique lattice design have great originality building style is the abstraction of the shape of the tree are replicated and overlapping drawing a bifurcation tree pattern formed gradually from the bottom up layer by layer of different space atmosphere, the internal and external use of space to keep the relationship loose, in the play.相关的主题文章: