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"Gaia" shooting super 1 billion 100 million star will draw the most accurate map of the Milky Way – Beijing, Beijing, September 16 Xinhua comprehensive report, the European Space Agency (ESA) said recently, launched in 2013, to draw the Milky Way line 3D map for the task of "Gaia" Space Telescope has captured nearly 1 billion 150 million stars the first public image, and. "Gaia" task leader Johnson (Fred Jansen) said in a press conference in Madrid, "Gaia" has collected more than 1 billion stars telescope data has been analyzed and made by scientists 3D star, and will be released at the end of next year, the conference also announced the first batch of data including nearly 2 million stars. A member of the French astronomer minyar plans said the star map will be the most accurate and most extensive the Milky Way map. The first published data will "open a new chapter in astronomy", will also promote hundreds of scientific research projects." The "Gaia" map of the Milky way. (source: ESA Gaia DPAC) according to the ESA said, observed 3194 "Star" Gaia is still the star detector survey mission, which is the first 386 star was found. The star refers to the brightness and the electromagnetic radiation is not stable, often accompanied by other changes in the physics of the stars. To understand the variables has important implications for scientists to explore objects from the universe. ESA hopes to help answer questions about the Milky Way Gaia Project Department of the origin and evolution of the problem, and to help find new asteroids, extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs. At the same time, astrophysicists want to get more information about the distribution of dark matter, and test the key content of Einstein’s theory of relativity. By the end of 2017, will complete the 1 billion star Gaia data measurement. At the same time, Gaia will be outside the solar system to find planets, asteroids and comets. Tens of thousands of previously unknown objects will be found, including one that could threaten the earth one day, planets around stars, and supernovae.相关的主题文章: