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"The girl blush" are by age? The actress on which all the "makeup" sweet Intro: now the female stars are in love with the girl feel blush, to actress Tang Yan, Guan Xiaotong to the new generation of small flowers are painted on the cheek. The girl blush sense not only reduce the age, but also reflects the kind of sweet feeling, you do not come to learn! (source: Tang Yan Tang Yan Tang Yan posters fashion network) new Golden Eagle goddess Tang Yan in the Golden Eagle Festival beautiful appearance also stunned the crowd, people can not help but feel remember the "sword" in the new three. And recently, Tang Yan studio released a few private photos of her own, but also full of sense of her young girl, Tang Yan. White skin, cheekbones faint orange blush, golden brown eye shadow, it seems to be just perfect collocation, so many years have passed, Tang Yan still remain in the best state power girl. Zheng Shuang said the girl, has been playing many popular flowers. In addition to the Golden Eagle goddess Tang Yan, before receiving the highest number of votes in the non official network voting in Zheng Shuang is unequivocal. In the summer solstice during the filming of "Zheng Shuang", the other two sets with a silly adorable gas girl feeling circle countless powder. Still in her pink blush and partly hidden and partly visible cherry delicate small mouth, complement each other, the earth and tears in the eyes color eye shadow look is also very recruiting lingai. In the street map, with other adorable Chibi Maruko of countless boys and girls heart, note the cheeks blush but cleverly realized Jianling repair Yan effect oh. Zhao Liying Zhao Liying’s "Adorable" adorable and young girl, not because of a sense of the girl blush and eye shadow blessing, see the figure of a Bao Ying, red brown eye shadow and cheekbones diagonally above the blush combined because of blush is light, so it is good to avoid the Japanese hangover makeup is more flamboyant feeling, Minzui a smile is very beautiful. However, no blush and lip in the blessing of Bao Ying is very weak, not to force the girl moment haggard. Zhao Liying, in addition to those already advanced to the ranks to the flowers are, the new generation actress also love a girl a sense of makeup. The collagen full of them, and highlight their advantages of blush is sweet, not to. Guan Xiaotong Guan Xiaotong Guan Xiaotong is a representative national girl girl force best, she also love with pink blush to enhance their sense of whether the girl, shooting makeup or their own social accounts released large private photos, because the pink face make her like a flower on flowers, fresh and beautiful. Ouyang Nana Ouyang Nana, actor Ouyang Nana in the new generation is the girl blush honey tastes in, no matter what the occasion, you can see her rosy cheeks, sometimes like a drunk. However, coupled with the face of her love to laugh and a youthful atmosphere, you will feel that this is a girl should have the vitality and vitality of the sun. Zifeng Zhhang Zifeng Zhhang, the voice of the great, no, no, no, no, there is no such thing as the big picture of the work of the great powers of the great powers of the world. The sound of the sound of the voice of the great man, who is not the same as that of the great men of the great powers of the great powers of the world, is the sound of. But privately, whether or wear makeup hair she embarked on a Japanese Ma Dou wind, especially the Japanese use is extremely clever blush. A large area of the skin from the eyelids to the cheekbone.相关的主题文章: