City facilities must first want to take bus correcting platform with vehicle – cut in Beijing 小坂めぐる

City bus platform facilities correction: want to have to cut vehicle – Beijing – reporter He Xiaotian Liu Yao suggested that | bus stop directly outside the core is motorized vehicles, passengers more dangerous; the construction is simple, real people passing lane, the sidewalk is not convenient; idle platform, can reasonable use up? Living in Zhengzhou, love Zhengzhou, Dahe "city infrastructure platform" correction "welcome you to pick out the piercing eye" hometown of thorns, making it more convenient and more livable. [the public] correction A wanted to sit bus, to walk down a lane location: Kim Shakou road bus station (east west direction) – readers reflect yesterday, Mr Li contacted Dahe reporters, he from the Goldwater Shakou road bus station on the bus, this station is not set too for passengers safety. "I was in the past from the sandy road, to the waterway, no special sidewalks, walk through the waterway Beijing Hashiguchi sand expressway, the speed is very fast, the pedestrian is not safe." Lee hopes to call the relevant departments concerned about the security risks. At noon yesterday, the reporter went to the scene to verify the discovery, as Mr. Lee said, the sidewalk is only near the site. In the official response yesterday, 12319 Zhengzhou municipal service hotline will reflect the problem to the Zhengzhou city public transport company, a staff responded that if the platform is located under the bridge, but also taking into account the peak when the bus stop at the same time, social problems influence the normal passage of vehicles. They will seriously consider the views of the public, will send someone to the scene to view, investigate the actual situation. B on the sidewalk idle platform, always be hawkers and parked vehicles for location: Kim road and Sha Kou Road intersection – readers reflect people often call newspaper hotline 96211 says, there is a platform, the waterway and sandy road Longhai railway bridge is very large, has been wasted in the empty. Suggestions can be extended into the road. Yesterday, the reporter found at the scene, this platform is located in the northwest corner of the intersection of Jinshui road and sand road intersection, a larger area, the corner of the smaller curvature, vehicle traffic is not convenient. Nearby residents said, this platform will be an evening to hawkers Jeeves, later as well as vehicle parking, traffic inconvenience. In the official response yesterday, in response to urban management and service hotline staff said the city of Zhengzhou in 12319, they will have the problems to the Construction Committee and the Planning Bureau, is being coordinated. C simple construction of real road, people passing inconvenient location: Qinling Mountains Lu Ying River Road intersection northwest corner – readers reflect public call 96211 hotline Dahe Ms. Wei said last year, Qinling Mountains road widening, Qinling Mountains road in the northwest corner of the intersection Yinghe built a simple room, there has been no demolition, accounting for sidewalks and non motorized vehicles, crossing the road is very convenient. At noon yesterday, the reporters came to the place called to verify Ms. Wei, found that the simple house covers an area of small, the main building is two storeys high, the enclosure was marked in the tunnel ", with" shut down for rectification, not outsiders.相关的主题文章: