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Zhuzhou men’s online sale of pornographic video 3600 was arrested in the original title: Social Software Collection red man in the circle of friends " " the sale of pornographic video 3600 Liling 90 man Yang in the circle of friends in selling pornographic video, 9 months, sold a total of more than 3600 obscene video. Illegal profits of more than 13000 yuan. October 11th, Yang was arrested on suspicion of the crime of trafficking in pornographic products Liling City Procuratorate approved the arrest. Since January this year, the 25 year old Yang began to use its application in the circle of friends in the circle of the two accounts of the sale of pornographic video advertising information, and 5-10 yuan per or more than the price ranging from selling to friends. After contact with the buyer, he received a red envelope to collect the money, after collection that is transmitted to the buyer through the network pornographic videos. August 22nd, after receiving the report, Liling City Public Security Bureau on the case investigation. September 7th, Yang was arrested. Police picked up the phone from the suspected pornographic video 79, identified as one of the 71 pornographic video files. Video recommendation: fine female friends sold pornographic video was reported to have been controlled by the police相关的主题文章: