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18 cities in Henan to build the airport back home can finally take it from the center of the city of is also 10 km on the road to the airport in the city of Luoyang. 1986 to start construction, completed in September 1987 navigable, is currently in addition to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport and Nanyang Airport, Henan, the most important airport. The airport is not only the main cities of the mainland flights, as well as flying Hongkong, Taiwan and other regions, as well as Japan’s route. Anyang Airport of northeast of Henan, according to the plan, Anyang airport is a domestic regional airport, located near the site of Tangyin County of Anyang City, Fu Dao Xiang wa gang cun. Terminal area according to the design target to meet 2025 passenger throughput of 550 thousand passengers, cargo throughput of 2000 tons, 6000 square meters of new terminal, Ping Station 5 seats; supporting the construction of communication, navigation, meteorology, oil supply, fire rescue and other auxiliary production facilities. Total investment of about 1 billion 176 million yuan. Is the 7 airport in the planning from Henan Province Civil Aviation Office data shows, to 2020, will be completed in Luoyang, Anyang, Pingdingshan, northeast of Henan built or expanded 7 civil airports; and plan of the Sanmenxia and Jiyuan airport line 4, a total of 11. The following diagram: look at your home? Henan civil airport planning and layout (source: Chinese Wirtschaftswoche yiriwanli) development in Henan, Yonago high-speed rail connections, the civil airport general airport also blossom everywhere, down down down not resigned to playing second fiddle according to the plan, by 2020, the province will build 15 universal field machine. In September 7th, the seventh session of the international air navigation development forum held in Zhengzhou, the forum shows that before 2020, the province plans to build at least 15 two general airport, more than 50% of the province’s 5A level scenic spots will also be available for the construction of general airport or landing temporary landing point. 2020, the province to build the 15 general airport general airport is doing? "General airport" refers to the "general aviation" flight mission for the civil aviation airport. The general aviation flight of civil aviation is specially specified except for passenger transport and cargo transport and other missions, such as tourist attractions, sightseeing, aerial photography, aerial aerial surveying and mapping, pesticides and other special missions spread. The province to build 15 general airports, where are they?相关的主题文章: