Tear can not bear to be trapped in the baby’s mother dolphin to kill dolphins 高达08ms小队

Tear: can not bear to be imprisoned by the mother of the baby dolphin dolphin dolphin data: the San Diego sea world dolphins for children. Local time on January 21, 2014, Japan’s "Puerto Galera", the Japanese fishermen hunting dolphins network. In October 9, according to foreign media reports, the Japanese port of Nagoya aquarium bottlenose dolphins (also called bottlenose dolphins) Lulu (Lulu) in September 24th this year to celebrate the new baby, I did not expect just over 4 days, the official website announced that the Aquarium Baby death. Researchers pointed out that, in order to let the children do not like herself, a lifetime to please the audience in the closed day in and day out small tank, Lulu chose to kill the baby, let it escape. Reported that, after the birth of the baby dolphin and mother when the appearance, but it has been all over the body (rake marks)". Mark is a kind of cetacean rake teeth scratching behavior on the other side, although many researchers say this is interactive cetacean animal generally, but for only 4 days a small dolphin, the scars of why the body, not to mention the reasons caused by the mother, still can make nothing of it. Although the zoo tried to blame for "baby death new mother pressure", "International Marine Mammal Program (International Marine Mammal Project)" a researcher Laura (Laura Bridgeman) doesn’t think so. She pointed out that "such acts of violence are more likely to occur in the two case, because of being forced and their family members, or a fierce reaction environment for the growth of two is separated, it knows what kind of future waiting for the baby, so I decided not to let the children bear the torture and detention." In fact, Lulu is not born Aquarium Dolphin feeding. It was originally living in the sea, until too Tamachi famous "(Taiji Cove)" was captured, then lost their freedom, to be held, please show every human life. 2010 – Oscar for best documentary film "The Cove (The Cove)", the use of hidden cameras, bloody has exposed the Japanese government has been trying to hide the truth. In September each year to March next year, too Tamachi fishermen will use characteristics of dolphin sonar, the dolphins came into the bay side, and then put the nets dolphins trapped in the shallow water area, this is the so-called "hunting drive". To be picked from all over the world love dolphin trainer, fishermen will be tens of thousands of dolphins mass slaughter rest, until the whole printed on a piece of scarlet harbor. Here, nearly 23000 dolphins are caught and killed each year.相关的主题文章: