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Some ideas, life becomes a riot of colours – Sohu in Germany is the only woman that seems to be saying, of course, as a modern woman we must not believe your talent with your beauty will make life more small today it’s a riot of colours on the ultimate look good, well! Get to the old you red in the circle of friends to the first one: the bottles should be turned in life, all kinds of bottles and the lack of. Beverage bottle, seasoning bottle, wine bottle…… We often throw. As everyone knows, you throw away the aesthetics of life! Do not believe, small series on the first picture, bright blind your eyes! Yeah, you see, this is actually the paint bucket. Brush your favorite paint and plant flowers. So scattered playing, brilliant purples and reds spring to go to your home yard. At first glance, a rockery. You look carefully, it is nothing more than the life of those broken, broken pots together. After such a pendulum, it becomes a ladder flower pot. Extensive and have a strong sense of design, so that the character of the owner’s intentions. This is absolutely up kingly! Liquor is a kind of culture, the wine bottle is each characteristic. Put these bottles to take home, wash a lane, became the antique flowerpot. Just a pendulum, will let a person shine. Red wine bottles or beer bottles can be so modified. Put the bottle open a profile, some kind of succulents, and do not have a taste. Second strokes: the old shoes changed each season, women do not throw a few pairs of shoes will not give up. Either the old style, or heel off, or a bad mood doesn’t want to wear it. The reason is 10 million, anyway, is to buy new shoes. That’s ok! Can not love, but I let it have new use! Bright high-heeled shoes, put on the soil, some lovely. Sexy shoes and enchanting, a more romantic and lovely. Put on such a pair in the balcony, it is estimated that the opposite neighbor to buy a telescope to observe learning! Mandaijie Crocs, you will start with one or two dual estimation. Of course, this battle is mighty. You have to ask your friends to put together a couple of pairs of shoes, which are nailed to the board. The sports shoe waste clean, such a flowerpot. It is fun unlimited ah! If you can put on the shoe or his shoes, must look more Meng Meng da! Is the home for boots. Old or broken, don’t throw. Colorful boots, natural is a good egg when the pot. Match the color of good flowers, random one, is an art! The third measure: million years into the lead lamp bulb, is essential to life. Clever use of light bulbs, can play a good role. With a light bulb so vase, crystal clear beauty can not refuse! Small and exquisite, is definitely the best of the small fresh! For such a beautiful scene, you should go out and buy some old bulbs…… Table lamp is used for lighting,!相关的主题文章: