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Beijing – VIDEO – serious aging population of Nanjing old people do [comment] the migratory birds along with the aggravation of the aging population in Nanjing, the metropolitan city pension market with the quality of the natural environment. 11, the reporter learned that the Nanjing metropolitan area some old old-age favor cost-effective, good environment in Jurong nursing homes, some elderly people choose to go to the north in summer, early autumn again, do migratory birds pension. [the same period] (Nanjing Teng Hegao) spring and autumn, I am in this place pension, rest, in the summer, I went to a cooler place. I’ve been in Weifang for five years. Weifang is good, sooner or later cooler, at night I also put a little quilt to sleep. The older people, but the great part of the real or not a fixed pension, mobile pension more, I think. [comment] Nanjing metropolitan area home prices around two thousand yuan a month is more cost-effective than Nanjing, and the quality of the natural environment is a plus, this also makes the metropolitan area nursing homes in Nanjing to snatch. The same period [] (Jurong Hongfu pension apartment manager Zuo Zigang) is the main consideration to the side of the air, because older people he needs is a good air, a good environment. Now in the two phase of the plan, the planning of the two phase, we are mainly to the old apartment and a number of supporting facilities to improve. Because we are going to do some of the mountain behind the health of the elderly pavilions, terraces and open halls, including trails, to exercise. [interpretation] nursing home in addition to pension, but also can take a vacation regimen, which also allows the elderly to be able to cross the city and the province, a selective pension. The same period [] (Jurong Hongfu general manager Zuo Zigang old-age pension apartment) is a main body, and the health resort, three blocks, then the holiday and health together, because people here now, we elderly people living in an apartment, not just in Nanjing, but the main stream of Nanjing (the elderly) Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Changzhou, and Jurong, now we in this field, including Shandong and Gansu have all come here to live. So some of them are to live for a month, live two months, also have to live for ten days, there are six months to live there, he took a holiday. Zhang Chuanming Jiangsu Nanjing相关的主题文章: