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Do not fight the battle without preparation, the preparation of pregnant women! – what is the mother and daughter of the elderly Sohu pregnancy? In medicine, the age of more than 35 years of age can be referred to as pregnancy". Studies have shown that compared with the age of pregnant women, the incidence of various diseases of the elderly pregnancy increased by 2-4 times. From the physiological laws of women, fertility is the strongest in 25 years old, after the age of 30 began to slow down, after the age of 35 decline rapidly, after the age of 87% of women have lost the ability to conceive. The 10 risk of elderly pregnancy is increased by the rate of spontaneous abortion, and the incidence of spontaneous abortion is much higher in the early stage of pregnancy. The incidence of spontaneous abortion is more than 1. Statistics show that the first pregnancy of the elderly, the abortion rate in early pregnancy can be as high as 20%, is 2-4 times the age of pregnant women. 2 the rate of premature delivery increases the internal environment of the elderly pregnant women is relatively poor, is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus, in the late pregnancy is prone to abnormal, so that the fetus was born early. Statistics show that the rate of preterm birth is 4 times the age of childbearing women. 3 the rate of dystocia increases women’s age is too large, perineal and pelvic, uterus neck joint hardens, childbirth is not easy to expand, uterine contraction and vaginal extension is also poor, resulting in slow delivery, delivery time, prone to dystocia. 4 breast cancer rate indicates that the enhancement of the latest information, over 35 years of age of first birth women, the incidence of breast cancer than the first child before the age of 30 were greatly increased, and the older the higher the incidence. 5 the incidence of infertility increased from a French report shows that women’s fertility will be significantly reduced with age. Later than 35 years old when the incidence of infertility pregnancy increased significantly. This is mainly the result of physiological and endocrine changes in the body. 6 the incidence of congenital dementia increased after the age of 35 years, the maturation process of eggs was prolonged, and the chromosome was prone to aging, decline or distortion. Statistics show that the incidence of congenital dementia in pregnant women 25-34 years of age is only 11350, while in the 35-39 year old pregnant women as high as 1260. 7 during pregnancy prone to high blood pressure and diabetes with age, the risk of hypertension, diabetes and other diseases. Therefore, older women after pregnancy, with the body’s metabolic changes in the duration of pregnancy by the ratio of these diseases will increase. Data show that the incidence of pregnancy induced hypertension in older pregnant women is times higher than the age of pregnant women, the incidence of diabetes and gestational diabetes is higher than 25-29 year old pregnant women more than 3 times. 8 after the recovery of the body slowly after the age of 35 years of age, the function of the body organs began to decline. After childbirth is not only prone to a variety of postpartum diseases, and endocrine regulation of the body and reproductive organ recovery ability will be weakened. Data show that the older the age, the slower the rate of postpartum rehabilitation. 9 children born weak.相关的主题文章: