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Next week the strategy: the card network view is on the behalf of the light weight stock index to buy low sell high rolling operations involved in this market strategy, as investors buy or sell stocks on the stock market risk, the investment must be cautious. Editor’s note: technically, the Shanghai Composite Index has been 4 consecutive trading days from Tuesday to suppress the line. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday next week only 3 trading days, analysts believe that before the light trading situation or will continue, or will choose the direction in the post market. In the strategy of investors in the current market under light weight stock index, combined with the hot market to buy low sell high rolling operation. So next week, A shares will be how to interpret? Investors will be how to operate? Look at all the masters and the latest research institutions. Jufeng investment adviser: next Wednesday to watch all day long, in early two, to maintain the shock wave, the railway infrastructure sector strong move, only the leading stock trading. But then the financial sector fell, the brokerage down, the market turned green again, the stock index around the gap shock trend. Subject shares, PPP concept differentiation, graphene and other more active. Afternoon, nuclear power slightly changes, but with the environmental protection sector cannot clap with one hand, late plunge, stock index down to increase, showing diving performance. [next week] strategy today, the two cities shock consolidation, diving down. The disk, the recent strength of the PPP concept has cooled, other stocks slightly lower, but the differentiation serious, late hot stocks, a blow to the enthusiasm of market operation; technology, stock index in line again to suppress the market, finishing a narrow range, diving below the supporting line, there are still callback space but, in support of funds to support the market, down space or limited. Overall, the stock of the game under the new stock prices repeatedly intriguing, but after the invisible hand and the support pressure significantly, which shows the main control. At present, the periphery to the good mood is still, the domestic policy tilt as well as appropriate liquidity easing, the two cities to stabilize the environment for the better, the stock still has an upward basis. And after repeated finishing and late diving, like Xipan Italy, there must have the power to achieve a breakthrough. For the next week, a few big things worthy of attention: first, the concept of PPP can be sustained, this is a major factor in the market can force to a certain extent; secondly, The Belt and Road could rise, which determines the incremental capital market in a certain degree; third, time shares fell deep. The first time shares obvious signs, it is also mentioned several times, today continued low, dropping space and when rebound next week will be the key market. The specific operation, can buy the gradually opening, focus on the reform of the central enterprises, along the road signs. In addition, long-term and short-term avoidance time shares gaosongzhuan stocks may fall risk in.40%, mainly in blue chips, 20% small cap stocks. (Jufeng investment adviser)相关的主题文章: