From the earliest tire supplier to do it the way tiger 5 years grinding sword 霍金hawking

From the earliest tire supplier to do it the way tiger 5 years grinding sword for five years, the time is not long. Indeed, five years can make people earth shaking changes, for start-up companies is the same, stand for five years without falling is a rare. In five years, always do not forget the beginning of the heart, standing in the forefront of the industry is less and less. Road tiger car, already has more than 10000 cooperative stores, covering 405 of the city, forging a mature companies can withstand the test, the achievements of today Chinese automobile market continued leader position. Adhere to the genuine self mode in 2011, is the origin of the road tiger car. This year, the birth of China’s car market after the concern of B2C electronic business platform. In the past few years, the strong vitality of the tiger has the most intensive and abundant line of store resources. Always adhere to the "authentic self" business philosophy, with the line under the integrated service network as the core business model, the main tires, oil, car maintenance, car beauty products and services, to create the ultimate user experience. However, in the Internet + era, efforts to expand, many companies are doing one thing. As Kevin, Kelly said, change is inevitable. Everything is changing and everything is changing – although many changes are not perceived. Subtle changes in the Internet on the market so that every enterprise has different degrees of real estate gave birth to a sense of crisis, looking for their own development is more critical. In the Chinese car market after leading the way tiger quadrant, with its own mature model began to build a vehicle service ecosystem strategy, always strive in a relatively confusing and opaque, lack of industry standard car market after the establishment of rules. At the beginning of the creation, the way of the tiger’s start-up capital of only 300 thousand yuan, the rent of a rented room of a large area of 130 square meters of the 6 rooms of the office of the 2. After a lapse of five years, the way tiger has completed a D round of financing first 100 million yuan, 5 billion yuan valuation of the company. Its sales covering 405 cities across the country, more than 10000 cooperation in the installation of stores, only a single month tire sales reached $180 million. (picture taken 2011) (picture taken 2016) the way tiger as vehicle repair and maintenance services mode electricity supplier proprietary business representatives, as early as last year, they launched the upgrade of four strategies: category upgrade, from the tire to the whole category; service upgrade, improve the service quality; mode upgrade, B2C+B2B platform upgrade; from the car to the service, smart car product development. Therefore, the way the unicorn industry increasingly consolidated position. The important role of keeping a car in a long life, the owners will inevitably encounter problems of opaque price, poor service attitude, car products without protection in car life, but with the way tiger, this problem is gradually resolved. For the owners of all kinds of worries, to take the road to the car as the representative of the car after the market platform for the majority of owners of a quality solution. In the camp on their respective platforms, you can provide for the owners to change tires, car maintenance, car beauty and genuine car products and other services. And its consistent low price, genuine, proprietary, good service brand business model, quickly won the national consumer recognition..相关的主题文章: