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Min Hua Fu community: "five branch" to provide "five-star service" for the masses – Chongqing windows — people.com.cn "five branch" volunteer service inspections in temporary stalls. Correspondent Zhang Wei photo National Day holiday is coming to an end, the residents have to go out and play back to the city home, Jiulongpo Hua Yan Zhen Min An Hua Fu in the community, 411 temporary stalls and lively. "Boss, what about your oil pad? So the operation will make the ground dirty, please hurry up the oil pad. The afternoon of October 6th, the old party Zhuo Yinglan found in the community volunteer service, there is a stall without the required business, after persuasion, stall out oil cushion on sincerely convinced. Min Hua Fu community was founded in August 2012, a total of 54 residential buildings, 19641 housing units, 42 thousand residents, facing a large population base, the demands of the residents and staff of complicated structure, uneven quality of the population "and other management problems. "To manage such a large community well, we must take the leading role of the party members in the vanguard." Min Hua Fu community party secretary Zhou Peiquan introduced by the end of 2013, they in the community with each party thoroughly, according to the area of interest and expertise, included in the packet "five branch", "five-star service for the masses". Zhou Peiquan said the "five branch", namely, to provide attentive service for the convenience of the "intimate services branch for residents; career guidance and regular employment organization Recruitment" at ease business branch; carry out civilized persuasion, environmental protection, poverty alleviation and other volunteer services "public Party branch"; promote neighborhood interaction exchange, timely solutions to neighborhood conflicts of the "intimate neighborhood Party branch"; enrich the cultural life of the residents of the "happy Civic Party branch". The "five-star service" is a means to achieve "to speak and be heard, difficult people to help, do not hurry to find people, overnight, everyone says" "five-star service standards". The 411 temporary stalls set up in the community are one of the achievements of the "five star service". "There are no large farmers market and supermarkets. Residents’ allocation of" tour stalls "in the district has reached more than 2000, resulting in serious road congestion and messy environment. "At the business branch head Luo Jing told reporters that by the end of 2014, the town of Hua Yan on the regulation of" tour booth ", the branch began to think about how to solve the problem of re employment of travel stalls stall. Why not give them a "positive" opportunity? As a result, there are 411 temporary stalls in the wide road section of the community, which provide business opportunities for community lessees. However, each owner must comply with the regulations of the management of the temporary stall and accept the supervision and inspection of the "Anxin venture party branch" at any time. According to the preliminary estimate, the average annual net income of the 411 stall owners was around 40 thousand yuan last year. Not only that, this year the "five branch" also explore the establishment of a service framework of party ties with the masses. Such as, "public Party branch" linkage community members, enthusiastic residents, the area of social units, established by the 6909 volunteers of the red, orange, yellow, green and blue colors of volunteer service teams, and the one by one with the "five branch" in pairs, together for community residents to provide "five-star service". The "five branch" to carry out the "five-star service" has received favorable comments from residents. This year, the community collects and solves 263 residents’ difficulties, and solves 416 conflicts. 13 training courses are held, 700 residents are served, 412 residents are helped to get employment intentions, and 51 kinds of sports activities are launched. (commissioning editor: Qin Jie, Zhang?)

民安华福社区:“五心支部”为群众提供“五星服务”–重庆视窗–人民网 “五心支部”志愿者在临时摊位开展巡查服务。 通讯员 张伟 摄   国庆长假即将结束,外出游玩居民陆续返城回家,九龙坡区华岩镇民安华福社区内,411个临时摊位又热闹起来。   “老板,你的油污垫呢?这样经营会把地面弄脏的,请你赶紧将油污垫铺上。”10月6日下午,社区老党员卓英兰在志愿服务时发现,有个摊主没有按规定营业,几经劝说,摊主心服口服地拿出油污垫铺上。   民安华福社区成立于2012年8月,共有住宅54幢、住房19641套、居民4.2万人,面临“人口基数大、居民诉求多、人员结构复杂、人口素质参差不齐”等管理难题。   “要把这么大的一个社区管理好,必须发挥出党员的先锋模范带头作用。”民安华福社区党委书记周培全介绍,2013年底,他们在社区详细摸底后,根据辖区内每个党员的兴趣和特长,分组列入“五心支部”,为群众提供“五星服务”。   周培全所说的“五心支部”,即,为居民提供贴心便民服务的“贴心办事党支部”;定期开展创业指导和组织就业招聘的“安心创业党支部”;开展文明劝导、环境保护、扶贫帮困等志愿服务的“热心公益党支部”;促进邻里互动交流、及时化解邻里矛盾的“知心邻里党支部”;丰富居民文化生活的“开心文娱党支部”。而“五星服务”,则是指要达到“说话有人听、困难有人帮、办事好找人、急事不过夜、大家都说好”的“五星服务”标准。   在社区内设立的411个临时摊位,就是“安心创业党支部”开展“五星服务”的成果之一。   “这里没有大型农贸市场和超市,居民在小区内摆设的‘游摊’一度达到2000多个,致使道路堵塞严重、环境脏乱不堪。”“安心创业党支部”负责人罗静告诉记者,2014年底,华岩镇对“游摊”进行整治后,该支部就开始思考如何解决“游摊”摊主的再就业问题。   何不给他们一个“转正”的机会?于是,“安心创业党支部”经多方争取与审批,在社区内道路较宽的路段设了411个临时摊位,给社区承租户提供创业机会。不过,每个摊主必须遵守临时摊位的管理规定,并随时接受“安心创业党支部”的监督检查。据初步估算,去年,411位摊主的平均年纯收入在4万元左右。   不仅如此,今年“五心支部”还探索建立了党建联系群众的服务构架。如,“热心公益党支部”联动社区党员、热心居民、辖区社会单位,成立了由6909名志愿者组成的红、橙、黄、绿、蓝“五色义工”服务队,并将其逐一与“五心支部”结对,一起为社区居民提供“五星服务”。   “五心支部”开展“五星服务”以来,得到了居民的一致好评。今年来,该社区共收集并解决居民困难263件,化解矛盾416起,举办各类培训13场,服务居民700余人次,帮助412名居民达成就业意向,开展各类文体活动51场次。 (责编:秦洁、张?)相关的主题文章: