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With a blind disabled permit reporters Ma   the Yellow River " " Warren shore; news; media — people.com.cn original title: Ma: the shore of the Yellow River, "the news people" to overcome difficulties. How do you know if you don’t try? Mr. Ma is a magnifying glass to read the manuscript. Photo by Bai Ru when watching martial arts films "Heroes" of the the Yellow River, can hear the wind on shadow, blind heart Ming the Yellow River warrior is very admirable, but this is only the art of exaggeration, in reality where there is such a person? Did not think along the the Yellow River side of the Ningxia, "Chinese news publishing and broadcasting news" reporter has found such a "Heroes" in the press, the legendary experience. – his right eye visual acuity was 0, only 0.02, have seen things like a thick layer of frosted glass, but he was able to interview as reporters, never interviewed found to ask yourself, is actually a class with a blind disabled card reporter. — due to blurred vision, he had another dish lightly into his bowl, but he was able to help screen reading software and excellent to work, the average annual press more than and 200, work has won good news, Ningxia provincial evening city newspaper news honor. He is the "54 Ningxia youth medal winner, Ningxia daily newspaper group" new news "reporter ma. With the feeling of "go" family named him Ma Cheng, hope he can like a horse like galoper. He did not live up to the expectations of parents, a road ran at the age of 28 when the deputy director of the information center on the "new news", a bright future. However, it is in this year, his fate with a bad joke, 2007, the sudden eye dim he had eyes, forcing him to leave the beloved news posts, home treatment cultivation. Out of the newspaper building for a moment, he seems to hear the colleagues behind a sigh of regret. He knew that in the eyes of everyone, his life should be insulated from the news. "I will take fate by the throat, it can never make me completely." 200 years ago, an old composer who was deaf and unable to hear the thunder roared up to the sky. In 2007, Mr. Ma also launched a challenge to the fate. Unlike Beethoven, who wrote a symphony of destiny by feeling, he had to learn how to walk by feeling. Mr. Ma still remember the first time across the street alone kind of hesitation and fear, but he finally was the first step bravely, with a little light, walking, feeling, practiced, the first bus, the first time to go to the bank, the first journey…… After numerous successful first, Ma Cheng confidence built up a little bit, he decided to return to the team of reporters". In the sight of hundreds of day and night, Ma finally stumbled out a return to journalism, but leaders always think he need special care. Do not count the amount of work, you get the average prize." No!" "Let your colleagues go with you." No!" The leadership’s intentions, Mr. Ma refused, he is like an ordinary reporter, independent of their own news life experience. With a little light in the right eye).相关的主题文章: