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The Cai Yingwen administration will embrace the tremendous upheavals in April green "? Beijing – [Global Times reported] "avalanche decline, decline in popularity polls show Cai Yingwen 25.2%", a survey published on the 26 results shocked the island, just 4 months, Cai Yingwen’s popularity fell from nearly 70% to nearly 45%, this is rare". More sensational, or make this green institutions poll, it is proved that the popularity of "Xiaoying" into "Ma Ying-Jeou 2" reality. The polls opened lower, Cai Yingwen calm to Taiwan to stabilize the morale "," Taiwan "26 reported that Cai Yingwen attended the annual meeting of the World Federation of Taiwanese businessmen, 1200 positions of the packed, but Taiwan from Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States, is less, taiwan. Think outside the cabinet and cross-strait policy is the main cause of the collapse of the poll. The many analysts doubt that she would like Chen Shuibian, and eventually to "embrace the green" to get safe? Cross strait policy for Cai Yingwen is a double-edged sword, some people think that the collapse of her support, some people think that, for her to keep the basic disk. According to the Taiwan wake up reported that the former executive yuan, Zhu Yunpeng believes that Cai’s support is based on the ideological support of the basic disk, is the bottom of the valley. The 26 day tour Yinglong said at a press conference, CAI can continue to maintain 4 into 5 of the prestige and she insisted on not touching the "92 consensus" has important relevance, the identity of the poll of 40.1% people in the party, which has 7 to 5 support Cai policy data, Cai’s popularity is supported by the majority the "iron". "If President CAI in the National Day speech change in 5? 20 inaugural address for cross-strait policy stance, the 4 into the 5 remaining prestige will be ‘ping’ sound, what is gone." Xie Hanbing, a political commentator in Taiwan, told the global times that the current avalanche of opinion polls in MR Cai Yingwen was a bit like when Mr Obama was half of his second term in. At that time, Chen Shuibian’s strategy is "close to the dark". In fact, Chen Shuibian was late to step down from the ruling trial in prison, are "green embrace" that makes him even in prison, can also have a "hardcore believer" for his running, he finally can be an excuse for medical parole and free from outside the prison. Xie Hanbing worry, Cai Yingwen clear that in the light blue, light green and neutral voters to abandon the Democratic Progressive Party ", would like Chen Shuibian to embrace the dark green". Green’s "free times" reported 26, Cai government took office, the Taiwan side, ignoring the release of goodwill, "frequently in the international arena to suppress Taiwan". Relevant units have gradually changed from weak to strong hard stance. For example, in the event of a letter of protest in the event, the mainland will be called "you" into the wording of a more intense "you". In this regard, the cold wave that, in the opinion of the circumstances, Cai Yingwen may need more further solid supporters in the green camp she, on the basis of "Taiwan independence" policy is likely to be tougher. But Cai Yingwen needs to maintain the basic stability of cross-strait relations, which is a long-term demand. In this case, CAI.相关的主题文章: