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Guardian of "beauty" first exposure trailers Zhang Yi love on Li Xiaolu Sina entertainment news television media group produced by purple Jun, Li Xiaolu, Zhang Yi [micro-blog] [micro-blog] starring, Liu Peiqi, Xu Di, Peng Yu [micro-blog] [micro-blog] and co Star City family emotional drama "guardian of beauty" first Trailer exposure. The play tells this wayward Lin a rich girl from the cloud of honey life fell into the alley fuel life, met a man feeling burst table express little brother Chen Xi, down to earth in the trivial daily life, appreciate the essence of happiness, harvest beautiful love story. Li Xiaolu turned the "big three" small Gong Ju, was expelled from the door body alley gas hot mom Li Xiaolu as modern spend money like water rich girl Bayashi Yoshihito in the play, with big, big temper, big three traits to be around people in the eyes of the world is little witch. However, a paternity test confirmed that she is not Lin’s daughter, Bayashi Yoshihito father excommunicated, small Chen Jiaren shelter by civilians. A good day to Lin happy days gone for ever, sweeping the floor washing, buy food to cook…… You are small for shaping the fuel life down to earth girl alley, along with the Chen family three generations enjoyable. "Crazy Metamorphosis" is in progress, Bayashi Yoshihito gradually become a positive, full of positive energy girl at the same time, the sincere love is quietly to her close. Zhang Yi to express little brother endorsement, sense of man burst table three kiss fix sister paper screen good Mr. Zhang Yi played with the patron saint of trait courier Chen Xi in the play, the youth born in small alley, broken angel fire with firewood playfully, sparking a kick and. The man burst table for Chen Xi feeling distressed Lin a free 24 hour solid shoulder bag thief ", anger and punishment, he sent a hug…… Honest and upright character reflected in his body and Bayashi Yoshihito are the most incisive, weird complement each other, two people in the play is staged a three kiss "romantic drama, fresh collocation is solid with a face. Young lovers Tour "sweet partner" sunshine Shun "protect the entrepreneurial way beyond beauty" is a realistic emotional warm drama, and there is no lack of integration of youthful elements. Lin and Chen Xi play a mutual support in emotion, inspire each other at work, the couple wore green uniforms from the joint venture, a move to distribute leaflets, loading and transportation of goods unloading to Panda Express business down, the vitality of young people and full of vigor in the fight the bright sunshine confirms, inspirational Meng da. The play will be broadcast on 2017 New Year’s day in the East and Shenzhen satellite TV broadcast. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: