Somans share the Devil Wears Prada form of the road the life of your love (video)-holle树先生�����

Somans share "the Devil Wears Prada" develop way: for their love and live hard hard [Abstract] review their own occupation career, somans sincere advice, "everyone should be honest with the heart, the life of your love." Somans for girls to live for Love Advice: Tencent entertainment news every day (Wen Chengjia) the evening of November 8th, the 2016 winter entertainment Tencent "star speech" activities held in Beijing Tianqiao theater, President of fashion group, "bazaar" editor somans first stage speech. As the legendary "China version of the Devil Wears Prada, somans fashion industry has been faced with controversy, and share their common growth for the current fashion editor from the head of the group’s legendary experience. Looking back on their hard work career, Su Shan sincere advice, everyone should be sincere in the face of the heart, for their love and live." What do you think of the fashion industry? I believe that a lot of people will give fashion is a high consumption of luxury, fashion is vanity, fashion and I have nothing to do"…… A variety of answers, usually with a certain tone of doubt. Therefore, somans responded to the opening of a secular bias of their own industry has been facing, in her opinion, the work of fashion is a beauty, to create beauty as the core competitiveness of the industry, with a large number of beautiful business potential for further exploration, but not everyone in the usual cognitive biases. Hold on the recognition of the value of their work, somans start from the most basic text editing, magazine personally to pull ads, even feed their dreams in the senior restaurant play wage income. At the same time, she is also committed to change public opinion on are useless in misunderstanding of personal struggle, "said people are charitable society completed the accumulation of wealth, people can do, I am not convinced, do charity activities of the brand" Chinese biggest bazaar Charity Night ‘, others say are not culture. We are the most important in China professor Zhu Liangzhi, Mr. Jiang Xun’s column." After 22 years of struggle, Su mang finally became the helm of the fashion group, has become the representative of many people’s hearts of successful career women. Asked the queen of fashion way is how to make the somans site sincere advice to live for your love, "everyone should be honest with the heart, to find their own love, whether you love her or thought of family life, love of work to become a business woman." It seems that everyone has only one life. It is not how much time to enjoy, but how much time it takes to be happy. Only love is the only shortcut to success. In the host Liang Wendao somans speech after the stage to ridicule the goddess, "because listen to your words, I can’t wear long johns for many years, somans also responded with their years of humor" long johns stem "," hope to keep warm, do not wear long johns is not important, it is important to dress well. Not too ugly." Good evening everyone somans speech, I am somans, editor of the legendary people not wearing long johns magazine, was also the Devil Wears Prada mark for Chinese. If there are more familiar with the friends, I know that the circle of friends do not sleep.相关的主题文章: