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Taiwan media: China recently completed anti missile test no fly zone covering the Midwest – Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on September 26th: Taiwan media said the launch of the "Sade" anti missile system in South Korea, mainland China from time to time in thinking about how to counter. It is pointed out that the people’s Liberation Army in September 20th may be completed in Xinjiang, an anti missile interception system test and ballistic missile test. According to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" website on September 24th citing mainland media reports, the people’s Liberation Army actively testing various missiles, air force hero camp in 18 announced the launch of a long-range air defense missile "red -9", "red -9" missile "S-300" than in the former Soviet Union to air missile systems. According to the safety information, Chinese Air Traffic Management Bureau of Aeronautical Information Service Center released in September 20th, over the continental Midwest, including the Korla anti missile test field near prohibit civil aircraft into the airspace. Reported that the map drawn from the point of view, similar to the mainland before the anti missile test conducted several times when the ban is similar to the no fly zone. September 22nd also appeared over the northwest local air traffic ban, from the shape of the no fly zone may be inferred ballistic missile test. As can be seen from the map, in September 20th set up a no fly zone is an important endpoint in Shanxi and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, covering the Taiyuan satellite launch center and the Korla missile test site. Reported that the test is an important change, after the people’s Liberation Army anti missile test target missile launch site is usually the Jiuquan satellite launch center, and this is a place in the Taiyuan satellite launch center, this could mean using a longer range missile simulation of missile target. From the forbidden area of the no fly notice, the launch site may be a base in Qinghai, perhaps a ballistic missile test. The missile test may be used to meet the "Sade" red flag -19 missile system. American Federation of scientists website has reported on 2012, China in the vicinity of the base of Qinghai, Xining, Dongfeng -31 or Dongfeng -31A intercontinental ballistic missile. The day before the test range may be in the territory of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, from the launch site to the range between the distance of about 1500 km. From the information, this may be a ballistic missile high ballistic flight test.相关的主题文章: