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Chinese by satellite intelligence system to build regional alliance is exploring the dark side of the moon – Sohu Military Channel (steemit) according to the U.S. social networking website reported on August 23rd, before 2020, mankind will never go to reach the area. That’s the back of our moon, the moon’s back. For a long time, the back of the moon is a mysterious place, human aircraft has never been exposed to this area. The detection of the moon’s back is bound to be a miracle in the history of human spaceflight. Chinese lunar exploration project will make history but to the implementation of this mission, must have the following equipment: takeoff weight of hundreds of tons, the flight distance of 250 thousand miles (402336 km) rocket lander; unmanned lunar rover. The rover will use sensors, cameras and infrared spectroscopy to uncover the hidden secrets of lunar soil for billions of years. In addition, the purpose of the probe will also include the search for helium -3 energy on the moon. Helium -3 is a highly efficient nuclear fusion power generation fuel. The country that will be able to carry out this great space exploration will be china. In the years of investment and strategic development, the development of China’s aerospace industry is very good, is gradually becoming a space power, and may even gain control of space. Chinese preparations for the implementation of the Chang’e 4 lunar exploration project shows Chinese space dream, hope the space becomes important civil and military establishments. At present, China is not only the use of satellites for fighter aircraft, missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles to provide navigation services, but also use it to monitor China’s grain production situation and foreign military bases. China’s national pride has been reinforced by the growing space program. Founder of the George Washington University Space Policy Institute John Laogesideng said: "Chinese will be regarded as one of the standard space capabilities have the world leadership of a country. This will help China become a world power." The number of China’s space mission is ranked second in the world, and NASA’s budget this year is $19 billion 300 million. Although China’s space budget is still lower than the United States, but China has implemented a number of space projects. In the past year, China has successfully completed 19 space mission, ranking the world’s top second. Ranked first in Russia, a total of 26 missions completed. The third place in the United States completed the 18. In the coming decades, China will implement a series of space projects, including a number of emission quantum satellite and manned lunar exploration project in early 2030s. The number of these projects will be up to or above NASA’s previous probe scale. Landing on the moon will not only help China to join the unique "two countries Club (with the ability to land on the moon"), but also redefine the military, economic and political significance of space in twenty-first Century. China has already made plans to develop heavy launch vehicles, manned space stations and large satellite imaging and navigation systems. At the same time, the United States of space engineering, especially manned space flight may be stagnant. James, director of strategic and technical studies at the center for strategic and international studies, said: "I would not be surprised if China suddenly overtook the United States in. I worry.相关的主题文章: