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"Billy · Lynn" 11.6 mainland Premiere of Ang Lee will bring creative debut Tencent entertainment news director Ang Lee will bring the new "Billy · at the beginning of November; the Lynn midfield war" debut in the mainland, respectively in November 6th to 8 in Beijing and Shanghai held the premiere. Creative director Ang Lee and colleagues will include starring Joe · Alvin and Ang Lee Li Chun to participate in the performance of the son. British rookie actor Joe · Alvin first "shock" big screen performance won the praise and recognition from all parties, not only temperament is the original Billy · Lynn is very fit, and even have a pure American soldiers to play "Dezhou accent", let the media to admire the director casting skill. Coincidentally, British actress Kate Winslet was also in · and Joe · Alvin; the same age with Ang Lee shooting "sense and sensibility" and then get the Oscar nomination for best supporting actress, shine in the international film, so the outside world Joe & middot; the future of Alvin is full of expectations. The first audition was chosen to Ang Lee: "I need a set of innocence and experience in one person" director Ang Lee the protagonist to rouse the audience’s projection, as everyone has a Jen and young pie, actually everybody also has a "Billy Lynn". "I really need a striking, rich soul actor, a set of innocence and experience in one person," Ang Lee in an interview explained: "at the beginning of the story, he is innocent youth, but as the story progresses, he grew into a man." "Billy · difficult war" in Lynn’s midfield casting, there are many excellent actors to participate in the audition and probation, but never let Ang Lee feel perfectly. At this point, just signed the broker Joe ·, Alvin began his life’s fantasy journey. After the signing of the first Friday, his audition film was discovered by the crew, he was asked to fly to the United States at the weekend audition. "He flew on Saturday, I saw him on Sunday, I remember that day very early, about eight or nine, the weather is very cold. I saw a young man standing in the corner of the door, wearing a thin jacket, very lonely, much more handsome than the audition film. I asked him, "do you want to be advanced? It’s very cold outside. "" Ang Lee director recalls Joe · Alvin was the audition scene: the results he read the script, I felt he was very gifted. And how do I tell him how to adjust, very good, very ideal!" During the New York International Film Festival, the major media for a young British actor can have such a great acting amazing. Although Joe · Alvin let Ang Lee very satisfied, but the crew for the couple hesitant, even Ang Lee himself still have doubts: "I’m a little worried about him, because the soldiers in the novel are honest, I worry about his looks very clever." Originally thought to audition home Joe · Alvin even clothes are not)相关的主题文章: