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Taxi at night retrograde hit Bentley abandoned the vehicle and escape brother disappeared – Sohu A05 version of the new culture news news (reporter Tang Qi) according to friends broke the news at 4:50 on the morning of August 25th, Jilin City, Changchun road and Dongsheng Street near the intersection of traffic accident, a night shift taxi and a Bentley car collided. Currently, the police are still investigating the accident. The explosion hit 5 million taxi Bentley users according to the news release said, the taxi driver drunk driving, and the existence of retrograde behavior, serious losses after the two vehicles collided, and the taxi was tragic, basically scrapped. Bentley car damage is not small, because it is a luxury car, estimated repair costs are very high. In a video provided by users, the onlookers asked the owners of Bentley cars, you fight in the car up? The owner answered, the other party to run." It is understood that the incident occurred when the two sides had a dispute, the reason is that the taxi driver has the intention to escape. After that, the crowd continued to sigh, said too tragic". And the day is also under a light rain, the screen is also a voice, where people stand here, the car is retrograde, about 5000000 ah." The accident was forwarded. After the incident, taxi owners can not contact for the verification of this message, the new culture reporter contacted the taxi driver day late mr.. "The accident should be the owner, I will leave home because something, back home, so there has been no work, the owner may open a large class, if no one day for you may be tired." Mr. Chi said. I also received a phone company, and later saw the news on the Internet to know this thing." Mr. Chi said that the police are looking for the owner, after the incident, the owner lost sight, the company found his main purpose, but also to find the owner of the car accident. Bentley has just licence not long late Mr. said, "I heard the company said, according to the insurance calculated 300 thousand yuan, and the Bentley car license or just not how long the time is not long, so it is a new car, which is more expensive, now the insurance company is looking for the owner, if the owner does not insurance, also do not the company, only to find the owner by him, but the owner of the phone open, but has no answer." The police investigation: the new culture is the reporter then contacted the two district traffic police brigade, traffic police detachment Changchun City, the relevant responsible person said that the ongoing investigation of the accident, the taxi driver abandoned the vehicle and left after the incident, the traffic police department is currently seeking the taxi driver. Inconvenient to disclose the specific circumstances. It is understood that the minimum configuration of Bentley car is about 3 million yuan.相关的主题文章: