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Jiao Junyan joined the "restaurant" feminist social topic – focused Sohu "problem" female entertainment restaurant concept version of the poster Junyan focal makeup poster Sohu entertainment news recently, by close pictures, young CO produced drama "super hot blooded feminist issue problem" start in Shanghai restaurant. The drama around 7 different personalities of women in today’s society, exposing various sexual disorders, and the topic at the front of the male feminist hammer. Today, the film side released the first character to make up the poster, the theme of the actress with exposure. Some time ago because the "meet Wang Lichuan" and "starring Lu Li" and know the horse? Buzz Jiao Junyan of the blood to join "problem in the restaurant", as women leaders to challenge the patriarchal world. It is reported that this will involve "brother sister" in the trap "Lolita bashing uncle" taboo atmosphere of the feelings of the line, let the play is full of infinite topic. In addition, the production team to ensure that the gold medal of the problem restaurant quality and scale. Jiao Junyan handsome incarnation restaurant female manager to create the sun in the problem of anomalous blood type "met Wang Lichuan" and "Li" in the land? Know the horse has starred in Jiao Junyan’s wonderful play super big drama "restaurant" star, as the restaurant manager Tang Yu fulfille rate problem. The Tang Dynasty, jade works in a male dominated popular catering companies, is subject to the workplace discrimination and oppression of women’s status, after the confrontation of cruel reality, Tang Yu angrily left the company, called six female friends of different character, common open a rooftop restaurant. Jiao Junyan in the show in the blood lead of the restaurant "justice, women" to break the traditional secular doctrine and eyes. For the first time in the exposure of the character makeup posters, Jiao Junyan changed his clever sweet image, with a clean handsome short hair style appearance, bursting with her boyfriend. It is reported that there are some exciting feelings in taboo like haunted problems in the restaurant in the film side before making a "Lolita and uncle" and "in love", the other is Jiao Junyan’s handsome neat full of reverie. In between the characteristics of environmental disputes and the female images of different story, female character, also triggered expectations. On the other hand, in the past about the status of women living in film and television works tend to serious image available, and the "restaurant" bold to abandon the traditional negative tragic tone, mainly presents the female sun in front of justice and workplace discrimination, social injustice and other setbacks when. To brave blood instead of angry complaints, the hero was still difficult to encourage each other support, to create "sunshine type with a woman’s unique temperament warm blooded". Self redemption and counter attack is also a "loser union woman one aspect problem" of the restaurant. The focus of social pain topic award behind the team to join Golden Horse ace "restaurant" close to the social hot spots, also reflects the different class of women in the inner projection today. Has successfully create network oratorio "?", a man silk industry benchmark ", a rush of that year" plan and producer "man" is closer to the pancake pictures CEO Shang Na will also serve as the executive producer. Such as Na said, "there is no social value of cultural works can not be called cultural works", "problem restaurant.相关的主题文章: