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Gansu County Court "doll" pocket "judges" to resolve disputes in zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in the village – in Huan County of Gansu on 30 October, (reporter Hou Zhixiong) in the morning, Gansu County in Loess Plateau, the cold wind. Huan County People’s Court Road court judge Han Yonglong and Secretary Yang Long to get up early, packed data drove to dozens of miles away the Tianchi Township, a pile of cohabitation child support disputes in the Wucheng village hearing. "A number of farm square table, chair, sit two row bench composed of simple village court." Vehicles along the rugged mountain road traveling nearly an hour later, Han Yonglong and Yang Long will be the venue of the hearing in the local villagers home yard. Han Yonglong said, like this trial two or three times a month." Huan county is located in the hilly gully region of the Loess Plateau, territory for the mountains and hilly areas, Zhang Ling Liang Chuan Road station and gully ditch system, most people live close to the mountains. In order to facilitate the local people, the justice of the court of justice often put the court in the village. The Court Road more than and 70 km from Huanxian County, under the jurisdiction of Aikido, Tianchi, Yanwu three towns 11 thousand households of more than 54 thousand people, currently only 34 judges and 28 year old Han Yonglong clerk Yang Long, become deep in the mountains of "pocket" court. Mediation of civil disputes, it is unable to mediate the trial." Han Yonglong said, is located in remote mountainous areas, an average of two days a day, mostly for local farmers, mainly for the mediation of both parties. Mediation need field investigation, the local "Alexander goushen, Liang staggered" terrain brings much inconvenience to the court investigation work, sometimes the car into a mountain road, Han Yonglong, they can find the local villagers together to lift the car, often is "the wrong one hill might be wrong tens of kilometers." Han Yonglong headache is the most difficult to find the parties, many people accused of court mediation inexplicable disappearance". Because many of the people involved in the work, often a day more than ten hours can only find a two party." Looking for the work of the party "difficult". Han Yonglong said that many local farmers, some people may be a lifetime or a few never went to court, the mass of a tree, a court found, the parties to litigation, sometimes pay far higher than the value of. In his opinion, the lawsuit to the court cases regardless of size, "since people can find the court, that the trust of the masses of the law, they should not only justice, is to obtain the sense of dignity through legal rights." The case of Wuxiang black river village play brothers dispute due to a problem of the forest right, Han Yonglong has two times to the scene mediation and trial time, but the agreement both sides back agreement. Han Yonglong did not give up, continue to thoroughly understand the background of the case, and to make the final mediation not to mind taking the trouble, the brothers reached a settlement. Han Yonglong said that just arrived at the court, many civil cases, the reception of the day after the party, the head fell on the chair. Usually in the court room, only at the end of the week he can return to a home. In this regard, Han Yonglong said: "although very tired, but I feel the responsibility on the shoulders, only to continue to do a good job, only)相关的主题文章: