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Wang Junkai’s international debut shock "the Great Wall" won the Zhang Yimou Chan – Sohu entertainment TFBOYS Wang Junkai international debut exhibition of young grace [Click to view photos] Sohu entertainment news by legendary pictures produced, directed by Zhang Yimou, to gather foreign star large fantasy 3D film "the Great Wall" in New York on October 8th in New York Expo held a press conference. The conference was co attended by Zhang Yimou, director of the film starring Matt • • • • • • • • •, • • • • • • • •, actress and the popular teen idol combination of TFBOYS captain of the group,, attended the meeting on, with the help of the director of the. Wang Junkai’s debut in the international arena with a black blazer handsome appearance, composed, perfect to show Chinese Teen Idol style and sunshine. The scene more hundreds of fans to help out overseas, high popularity shock the audience. Wang Junkai "the Great Wall" first on the international stage courtesy by Zhang praised the "the Great Wall" is directed by Zhang Yimou in collaboration with Hollywood’s first film, the creative team to gather foreign stars, high-profile. The "the Great Wall" New York conference, in addition to the director Zhang Yimou, starring Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal and actress Tian Jing, as the only one to attend the Chinese actor Wang Junkai, with a handsome black casual suit vitality appearance, fluent in English with the audience to say hello, become the focus of audience. In the play as the Northern Song Dynasty emperor Jiao Wang Junkai personal exposure at the press conference, the young emperor Toyoka Toshiro triggered the fans shouted long live the emperor". Although the first shock of the big screen, director Zhang Yimou was on the Wang Junkai show full of praise, said: "before the election Oscar gave him a lot of test, put a lot of beyond his age performance requirements, then see Oscar wearing robes of the moment, just like little Kay said you are destined to eat this bowl of rice to shoot!" Zhang Yimou director is very optimistic about the potential and future development of Wang Junkai. After "95" to the international exhibition in New York China idol Wang Junkai youth charm as the first works to bring to the international "after 95" teen idol, Wang Junkai in the youth age, positive energy, sunshine health has been popular and favorite. The conference gathered a number of Wang Junkai’s overseas local fans, even across the ocean to New York to cheer for the idol of the fans China, enough to see the high popularity and strong fan appeal. The first appeared in the movie Wang Junkai, asked the first shock what feelings and cooperation in the movie so powerful lineup, Wang Junkai sincerely said: "very honored in" the Great Wall ", and so many good actors and so an international team worked together to feel very proud, I deeply feel that the predecessors for professional work the attitude in the process, I learned a lot." Wang Junkai calm and generous civility, and Matt Damon and other creative interaction from time to time, unanimously loved by everyone, showing the unique charm of China teen idol. It is reported that as early as September 21st, Wang Junkai 17 years old birthday, fans for the planning of the global "and" AIDS and millions of public welfare activities to celebrate the blessing, including the New York Times Square on the electronic screen in advance should let the world know the相关的主题文章: