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Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace south hospital demolition Jackie Chan donated 12 zodiac news agency of the new network in Chiayi in November 14 – the first animal Xinhua (reporter Liu Xian Mei) Museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace south hospital on the morning of 14 will be placed in the square outside the main building 12 animal products, the first complex demolition sealed. The heads of Hongkong renowned artist Jackie Chan donated imitation since 1860 by British and French troops looted Old Summer Palace art treasures, by some people in Taiwan refers to the so-called "Cultural United front". 14 is Monday, is located in Taiwan, Taipei, the Imperial Palace, south of the hospital closed the hall, only a few media and staff arrived at the scene on. 12 animal statues were placed in the holder of one high, the main building along the periphery of the trend of winding up. Most near the door of the rat head first was removed from the staff to remove loose screws only two or three minutes. "The mood is very complex." By the Commission responsible for the demolition of the bronzes of Taiwan sculptor Pu Haoming said in an interview, refused to talk about the demolition of heads of controversy, only introduced how to maintain the seal. In December 30, 2015, the Imperial Palace south hospital opened in third days, 12 heads were splashed with red paint, and wrote "culture united front". At that time, the hospital issued a statement that 12 heads to convey the respect of cultural relics, protecting the human cultural heritage values, after careful evaluation in architectural design. When the Taipei the Imperial Palace museum director Feng Mingzhu believes that the 12 zodiac symbol device of Pan Asian culture, "the culture of the United front". However, the head of the beast is still unable to avoid the results of the removal. At the scene, the DPP legislators Xu Zhijie respondents said, not at the the Imperial Palace in Taipei south of the most important entrance placed highly controversial 12 heads, want to put is original works of public art, the first animal or can be placed in other places "". Another DPP legislators Cai Yiyu claimed that Jackie Chan donated the first beast "United Front" means, do not want the first animal in the Imperial Palace South hospital. There are media questioned the installation and demolition, is not a waste of money". Xu Zhijie said that this is not the original imitation, or to dismantle. KMT legislator Chen Xuesheng morning in Taipei held a press conference pointed out that for the first animal is removed, the Imperial Palace said Taipei had consulted from all walks of life, advocate the displacement, but always reluctant to publish the consultation process, "black box operation" too. Taipei the Imperial Palace is a professional museum, but it has become the object of political kidnapping, which is the future development of its southern hospital, there is a great deal of damage. The first animal transfer process does not respect public opinion, do not respect the profession, the future of Taipei the Imperial Palace professional will be a very big challenge. When the first animal to stay in Taiwan sparked controversy, many cultural and artistic circles in Taiwan have expressed opposition to the demolition. Huang Guangnan, a former curator of the Museum of history in Taiwan, once pointed out, "there are things that people send to you, and they are closely related to your life Taiwanese is a Zodiac calendar sort? You are a chicken, I am a monkey, and now some people are willing to make specific to you, this is wrong?" For the reproduction of worthless, Huang Guangnan refuted: "the great sculptor Luo Dan also has a lot of copies, the famous sculptor (Taiwan,) also has a lot of copies, is it?"相关的主题文章: