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" desperate defender " tells the story of the thirty-four division division; red deeds   Director: remember hero – Master of people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn TV series "breaking back division" creative guest people.com.cn people.com.cn in Beijing in October 14,   (Zou Jing) recently the upcoming launch of the TV series "absolutely life guard division" directed by Dong Yachun, written by Qian Linsen, starring Tong Zhang and Li Qiang, 30s more than a century in the history of the thirty-four division of the Red Army hero heroic deeds for the material, tells the story of the Red Army soldiers in the long march of bloody tragic past. 13, "the star face" very honored to have this drama four creative and friends together to share the creative process during filming and highlights. "Absolutely life guard division" name sounds the people look forward to, in fact the name changed several times before, called "absolutely life guard", also called "hero" was eventually guard division, known as the "absolutely life guard". What’s the name again? Director Dong Yachun said that the red thirty-four division is very special, he has been carrying out for the central government and the main force of the Red Army after the task, is a defender of "Red Guard, thirty-four division each and spirit connotation, is a more desperate feeling. Because they fight at the last minute, to sacrifice their lives at any time. But they are always a firm belief, that is to sacrifice themselves to defend the main force of the Red Army successfully crossed the river." As the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March Memorial created an outstanding drama, it deeply and performance of the long march spirit and the spirit of the Red Army, and the military theme breakthrough compared to before. "I think this type of subject matter is not encountered in the past, because the army is too tragic, when Xiangjiang to the end of the campaign, basically all the people all the time, in the battle of Xiangjiang died." Director Dong Yachun said that he was connected to the tragic theme touched, think we should remember this hero red thirty-four division division, "they can do this and what kind of things in support? I think it must be a kind of spirit and faith, a belief that they are willing to fight for." Screenwriter Qian Linsen to be the perfect combination of history and art, in the creative process of doing a lot of research work and visited many people, eventually create a series of vivid characters based on the reduction of the real history. "This is a true story. After reading this story, I felt numb, very shocked, this activity must be connected." Qian Linsen introduced, in order to better express the story from the perspective of art, he made a trip to the Museum of history in Minxi folk songs personally, the list before toward the real and the strange name pondering for a long time. "When I read the list, I cried. I feel these people become slowly up, they seem to stand up slowly emerge in front of me. We want to have artistic imagination, to complete the army, what kind of people they are, what kind of troops, with what kind of faith, they will do such a great sacrifice." (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章: