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BMW 3 years to do a hundred car maintenance person blind Beijing – in the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Xiao) July 2015, Ms. Lee in Beijing wing for BMW "MINI" (mini) brand 4S shop to buy a car show". In August this year, she will be sent to another car 4S shop maintenance, the internal system shows that the car in the past three years, leaving a number of maintenance records. Which in 2013 for the first time repair, involving a total of 128 vehicles airbag. Yesterday, someone in charge of the 4S store marketing department, because the original salesman has now left, the event remains to be investigated. Ms. Lee said, she is Beijing Wing Cheung line 4S shop old customers. Last year, go to the shop to do maintenance, found the hall water parked next to the "MINI JCW" (imported two door hardtop) car, very suitable for inquiry. The sales staff said, the car is a BMW (Chinese) of the show car, because the car is a few kilometers, and there are two years old, although the car purchase price is 425 thousand, but the sale price 275 thousand. Lee showed that the purchase invoice, the car is a car with a friend to buy the index, so the name of the buyer to purchase invoice item, but he is the actual user. In August this year, she found the right car door glass batten failure, in view of the brand has three years 100 thousand km warranty, then sent to another 4S repair shop. However, when the car was found in the internal inquiry, the car was sold to Lee before, has left a number of historical maintenance records between 2013 and 2015. Screenshot provided by Ms. Lee, the car in June 2013 for the first time in the repair process, including the vehicle airbag, dual headlights, front cover and other 128 total maintenance. "My first impression was shock, and the second was a shock." Ms. Lee said that this car problem car scared her to open. According to the general practice, 4S store sales car or special car, the vehicle will be a special situation and consumers to sign an agreement to ensure that the other party in the state of knowledge to mention the car. But Ms. Lee said that the 4S shop was only signed a contract with her car. Found the problem, Ms. Lee told the Beijing wing 4S shop rights "new consumer law related content, put forward to change and make compensation demands. But the person in charge of the store does not have the authority to dispose of the matter back to BMW (China) headquarters to resolve. Yesterday, the marketing department responsible person told reporters on the matter, after a preliminary judgment, Ms. Lee to buy is the manufacturer of "unlicensed second-hand car", or to such a low price, Ms. Lee also should be informed. But Ms. Lee countered that, as she purchased a second-hand car, the car on the signing of the used car contract, rather than the purchase contract. Ms. Lee said, Car Buying, 4S shop did not truthfully inform the vehicle "details", suspected fraud. In this regard, the marketing department responsible person explained, because when negotiating with Ms. Lee Car Buying salesman has left, need to consult the sales situation at the time, so the events currently not qualitative investigation. Now, the two sides each one sticks to his argument. Ms. Lee said she would solve the matter through legal channels. J243相关的主题文章: