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China’s new 7 from Xinhua news agency in Beijing Free Trade Zone, on 31 August, in Liaoning Zhejiang Chongqing and other places: expanding the scope of the pilot FTA test area to start the reform and opening up to explore a new range of Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Youling Shanghai FTA test area to run for nearly 3 years, Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian free trade zone and Shanghai FTA test "age is full zone expansion area". Over the past 3 years, the FTA test area construction has achieved what results? In the pilot experience can be copied to promote the progress of what? The next step will be to expand the scope of the pilot FTA test area? Xinhua News Agency reporters an exclusive interview with the Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng. FTA test area to explore the achievements of the construction of a phased results: in the past 3 years, the FTA test area construction has achieved what results? Gao Hucheng: since trade zone construction work started, Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian 4 FTA test area in the aspects of investment, trade, finance, entrepreneurship and innovation, regulatory and other things in afterwards made a bold exploration, effectively stimulate the vitality of market players, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. Negative list management as the core, deepening the reform of investment management system. 4 FTA test area in-depth pilot foreign investment access before national treatment plus the negative list management, continue to expand the commercial registration system reform, the implementation of enterprises to set up an acceptance of foreign investment and cooperation "one-stop" service. Trade facilitation as the focus, the effectiveness of trade regulatory system innovation. Port management departments to accelerate the implementation of information exchange, mutual recognition, mutual supervision and law enforcement, constantly optimize the line release, second tier safety and efficiently manage supervision mode, support for free trade zone pilot "animal and plant quarantine approval negative list system, the status of goods classification regulation and other initiatives. International trade "single window" took the lead on the line. Respective trade test area clearance efficiency increased by about 40%. In order to enhance the quality and level of service to the real economy as the goal, the financial innovation initiatives launched steadily. Shanghai free trade zone free trade zone pilot pilot business expanded from the RMB to foreign currency, gold international board to run smoothly, the international board gold trading scale of nearly 2000 tons. Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian Free Trade Zone pilot launched real estate trust and investment fund products, small and micro enterprise loan risk compensation, silver tax interaction, integrity of small and micro enterprise loan exemption guarantees. In order to prevent and control risk as the bottom line, strict and efficient thing in the post regulatory system initially formed. Prior to the integrity of the commitment, the matter in the evaluation of the classification, after the linkage of rewards and punishments constitute a free trade zone full chain credit supervision system. Credit information publicity platform generally established. The central financial supervision departments and 4 provinces government cooperation and improve financial regulatory framework and coordination mechanism, the smooth operation of cross-border capital flow monitoring mechanism, macro Prudential Financial Deepening management, without the occurrence of systemic and regional financial risks. To encourage entrepreneurial innovation as a starting point, public service support system to improve. Shanghai City, the construction of FTA test area construction and the combination of science and technology innovation center, explore and improve the introduction of high-level talents and employment system of students; the free trade zone in Guangdong introduction of talent construction, promote the construction of Hong Kong and Macao talent cooperation demonstration zone; 7相关的主题文章: