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Intelligent mobile phone: army barracks in the lifting of the ban comrades suffering from mobile phone addiction – Sohu press [Abstract] with the intelligent mobile phone in the camp of the lifting of the ban, officers and soldiers for the first time will be exposed to external events and information, especially with family communication is more and more convenient. However, many comrades suffering from a mobile phone addiction, a moment do not look at the mobile phone will be restless, some men even addicted to online games. Former comrades active basketball courts, soccer fields, libraries and other places, but now it becomes desolate. President Xi pointed out that political work can not pass the network will not pass the customs. How to crack the problem of mobile phone addiction? Thirty-ninth Army Infantry Brigade to take a series of measures to allow officers to "head up", "don’t let the palm machine" has become the "hands of mine", their experience is worth reference units. Where the soldiers gone? One to the weekend, the basic figure can not see the soldiers on the playground." Just months back artillery chief Mu Jianli told his embarrassing experience: one Saturday afternoon, loves to play and he can’t wait to suit up for the ball to rub wherever he goes, the basketball court waited 20 minutes when he disappeared, and hopefully to the football field, the result is empty. He went to the table tennis room, billiards room and other places of entertainment, as cold. Where the soldiers gone?" With questions, he went into the class row, found that the soldiers in the dormitory as a whole, look down at the screen like playing phone. Have a deep feeling and the brigade political commissar Yang Chunwen. One weekend, he made a surprise visit to the 4 brigade camp, found the hospital is quiet, but the dormitory is another picture — everyone has low head fiddle with mobile phone, grab a red envelope, and play games and browse the web, WeChat chat, very lively. According to a survey of the brigade, 52.5% officers and men of the weekend playing mobile phone time in 7 hours; 39.4% soldiers are dependent on mobile phone network, a weekend will be from the "Predator" has become a "quiet man"; 72% men playing mobile phone is mainly used to pass the time, and did not use the Internet to access information learning knowledge; 40.6% cadres of the intelligent mobile phone to the playground, conference rooms, offices and other places; 3.6% of the soldiers admitted to look at the mobile phone outside at a specified time. For the reason, and that one is the barracks closed management, leading to officers and social contact, and through the Internet can understand the outside society, meet the demand of information; two is the training task, the pace of life stress, lead to increased pressure and, while playing mobile phone can temporarily relax; the three part is the officers and men interested in playing games, brush WeChat, fantasy novel, "Internet addiction" is hard to quit; four officers and soldiers to achieve self realization of the psychological needs in daily life, and in the social network to many, to express their personal views through photos, and get good points like forwarding, so as to get psychological satisfaction. Bow family what harm? Reporters in the brigade special investigation, through discussion, questionnaire, personal chat and other forms of understanding of the survey found that the bow family to the officers and men of the adverse effects and hazards mainly in the following areas.相关的主题文章: