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Assange told the Swedish prosecutors inquiries had denied all the charges – Sohu news November 14th, Ecuador Embassy in the "Assange balcony" once again attracted the public’s attention. Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, who sought asylum in 2012, finally waited for the Swedish prosecutor to knock on the door. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported that a Swedish police personnel and a Swedish prosecutor arrived in 14, the British Embassy, where Assange accepted the prosecution inquiries. In 2010, Swedish prosecutors accused A-Sun of odd alleged sexual assault of two women. In June 2012, Assange entered the asylum during the bail to seek asylum in the British embassy. Assange had faced stress, sexual assault, rape and other four charges, but because of the limitation of action three of them for 5 years, expired in August this year, and Assange the only rape accused of accepting Swedish prosecutors inquiries. According to CCTV News reported that in May 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that the extradition of A-Sun to sweden. According to Swedish law, police official criminal proceedings before, to start inquiries on the suspects, as the two sides had failed to reach an agreement on the location information, makes the case stalled, so far no substantive progress. Until the beginning of this year, Sweden was the change of mind, willing to go to London in the implementation of inquiry. According to the Swedish prosecutors earlier announcement, Ecuador approved the Swedish judicial aid request. According to BBC, a Ecuador prosecutor will be provided according to the Swedish prosecutors problem, launched inquiries to A-Sun strange in spanish. Swedish prosecutors and police officers to attend, but are not allowed to ask. In the case of the case with A-Sun unified, they will extract the odd DNA sample A-Sun. The British National News Agency (Press Association) quoted the Swedish prosecutors said in a statement, the survey conducted in secrecy, and about the details of inquiries is not revealed to the outside world. Assange had previously denied all charges against him, saying the sexual acts were carried out on both sides, and that the charges against him were politically motivated. Wikileaks has the United States authorities 500 thousand copies of confidential documents and related to the Iraq war and Afghanistan war and 250 thousand diplomatic documents reveal to the public. During this year’s U.S. presidential election, Wikileaks disclosure campaign insider’s article once again raised concerns. BBC said that Assange had refused to go to Sweden to accept inquiries, because he was worried about being extradited to the United states. Assange’s lawyer told reporters on the 14 BBC, Assange will not go to Sweden, he will lose the protection of Ecuador on his side…… Sweden has refused to provide a guarantee that it will not be extradited to the United states". According to Venezuelan Southern Television (Telesur) reported that the Swedish prosecutors to the British Embassy, gathered outside a large number of A-Sun odd supporters, hit the "free A-Sun strange", "the United States, let go of Assange." Such slogans. However, A-Sun, a lawyer, said A-Sun odd "finally have the opportunity to make a statement to the Swedish prosecutors and very happy…… Waiting for 6 years.相关的主题文章: